Aldi – Aldi Online Shopping | Aldi Store


Aldi is a brand of two leading global discount supermarket chain with over 10,000 stories in 18 countries which are based in Germany and was founded by Karl Albrecht and Theo Albrecht in 1946. This portal makes shopping easier for users to buy several foodstuffs at a low price. When you visit the website you will see the menu categories which are weekly special, tip and explore, grocery and home, recipes, customer service. You can see whatever you want to buy and add it to your shopping list and later pick it up by going to the store.

Aldi - Aldi Online Shopping | Aldi Store

Aldi specializes in staples items such as food, beverages, toilet paper, sanitary, and other inexpensive household items. And discount items include clothing, toys, flower, and gift. The online shopping has different stores in different countries and it depends on your location you can just enter the city, zip code, or state inside the store location to find the nearest stores near to you.

Aldi Store Features

Users can find one of the fast grocery items with low prices. And they take a simple, cost-effective approach to grocery shopping that saves shoppers on grocery bills. And users can find that more than 90 percent of the products in the stores are Aldi exclusive brands. Exclusive brands provide the same high-quality product without passing on all of the hidden costs. When you visit the website you will different type of dish like a snack, desserts, appetizer and so much more.

What’s on Aldi Online Shopping

Users will see the categories of Aldi shopping at the top of the homepage. You will also see some displays information like shop our weekly ads, weekly fresh meat specials, score big deals, big game recipes, view wine collection and so much more. You can click on anyone to know more about it. The categories are listed below

  • Find a store.
  • ALDI international.
  • Weekly email sign up.

Find a store: when you click on find a store it allows you to find a store in a geographical location. Enter the city, state, or zip code to find the nearest store. You will have to follow the map below the homepage to find the nearest store within your area.

ALDI international: You will get to see the countries which the stores are located in. when you click on any countries it will automatically take you to the main menu of the website.

Weekly email sign up: You get the latest offers from ALDI by subscribing to their weekly email. You will also get incredibly low prices delivered to your inbox. All you need is to enter your email address and start seeing their features like Aldii find, fresh produce, fresh meat, new low prices.

Careers: if you are interested in working for aldi store you can just apply for their job opportunities and become one of their workers. Enter the job opportunities and location in other to apply.

Aldi Store Customer Service

Aldi are making it easier to answer users question, get a warranty, produce recall information, and more all in the name of better customer service. They customer service resolve customer complaints, enquiries and other business support functions. So if you have any problem or don’t understand the site you can actually call their customer care for more information.

Aldi Online Shopping List 

With aldi online shopping list users can create their own personal list for their next visit to an aldi store. Just click on the icon from the shopping list from any product to save it to your list. And all selected item will be clearly sorted according to supply day. Users can also print whatever he or she added to list. Follow the steps given below for users to add items in their list.

  • Launch your web browser and enter inside the address bar.
  • In the next page, you will see different countries click on your country.
  • Click on the shopping list button which is located above the screen on the homepage.
  • You can add the item on your list.