Do you know that you can now advertise your business on Facebook? What about the ads manager for Facebook? Do you know about that? I bet there are countless things that you probably do not know about the advertising platform of Facebook platform. Most people only and mostly know about the google ads platform. It is the biggest platform when it comes to online advertising. But now Facebook has come up with its own advertising platform. The platform even has an ads manager and lots of other cool features to use.

Ads Manager for Facebook - Facebook Business Suite and Business Manager Overview

What Are Facebook Ads And Facebook Ads Manager?

The social media platform is one of the best places if not the best place to showcase your business and products to the world currently. More and more people are now making use of various social media platforms already. Some people make use of these platforms mostly for socializing. But there are those persons who also utilize the business aspects of these platforms. Now to what Facebook ads are. Facebook ads are advertisements that are displayed on the Facebook platform. These ads can be visible on a user’s news feed both on desktop PC and on mobile devices.

A Facebook ads manager on the other hand is a separate account that manages your ads on Facebook. With the Facebook ads manager you can easily create new ads and also manage existing and old ads. You can also set ads budget and monitor how your ads are faring.

How to Access Your Facebook Ads Manager

Accessing the ads manager for Facebook is easy. You do not need any type of expertise to do this. You can either access this feature through your own Facebook account page or by visiting this link Another way of accessing Facebook ads manager is through the mobile app. yes facebook ads manager has an app. with this app you can easily check your ads performance on the go every time and any time. You can get the ads manager app on your mobile device by downloading it from your device’s app store. Google play store for android devices and apple app store for iOS devices.

If you want to get to your Facebook ads manager page via your Facebook account is easy. All you have to do is to click on the drop-down arrow on your Facebook page in the top right corner. On the drop-down menu choose ‘manage ads’. Immediately you will be brought to your Facebook ads account page. There you will have access to your ads account dashboard.