A Christmas Story Christmas Casts | Genre and Release Date

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Are you looking for a nice movie to watch this 2022 December? Then I have one to recommend to you and you are going to love it. A Christmas Story Christmas is an American 2022 new movie. Furthermore, it was launched on November 17, 2022. Moreover, this movie was directed by Clay Kaytis. But the movie A Christmas Story Christmas is based on characters that were created by Jean Shepherd. Different people are responsible for playing the characters in this movie.

A Christmas Story Christmas Casts | Genre and Release Date

Now with this movie, you can spend time with your family while you enjoy the holiday at the same time. Besides, once you lay your eyes on the TV when you are playing the movie A Christmas Story Christmas, you will not want to look away. In other words, make sure that you prepare everything you will need while watching like Coke and Popcorn before streaming the movie. Now with this movie, you can finally feel the Christmas spirit.

What Is A Christmas Story Christmas About?

This movie is about Ralphie who has now become an adult. So, he begins to make plans to go to his home on Cleveland Street. Moreso, he also makes plans to give his children a magical Christmas just like the one he had when he was a kid. Therefore, he was to reconnect with all of his childhood friends as well as adapt to the death of his father.

What Is A Christmas Story Christmas Genre?

This amazing movie belongs to the genres of Comedy and Family. So, you can laugh your eyes out while enjoying the moment with your family and friends.

When Was A Christmas Story Christmas Released?

The A Christmas Story Christmas movie was released and launched on November 17, 2022. So, check it out before the year runs out,

What Is The Running Time Of The Movie A Christmas Story?

The movie A Christmas Story Christmas has a running time of 1 hour and 38 minutes. This means that you will be enjoying 98 minutes of comedy. What’s more, you can also enjoy this with your family as well.

A Christmas Story Christmas Cast

With all that has been written above, I’m guessing you now know what the movie A Christmas story Christmas Cast is all about. By now you should be so eager to watch it. Nevertheless, in this section of the articles, we will be listing out the cast of the movies. These casts are:

Casts                                                   Roles

  • Peter Billingsley                                Ralphie Parker
  • Erinn Hayes                                                      Sandy Parker
  • River Drosche                                                  Mark
  • Julianna Layne                                                 Julie
  • Julie Hagerty                                                    Mrs. Parker
  • Scott Schwartz                                                Flick
  • R.D. Robb                                                         Schwartz (as RD Robb)
  • Ian Porter                                                         Publisher
  • Sam Parks                                                         Pulitzer Emcee
  • Davis Murphy                                                  Delbert Bumpus
  • Zack Ward                                                        Officer Scut Farkus          
  • Ian Petrella                                                      Randy
  • Benjamin Noble                                              Lead Caroler Terence
  • Julie Yammanee                               Caroler
  • Rosa O’Reilly                                                   Caroler
  • Michael Flemming                                          Caroler
  • Derek Morse                                                    Ike
  • Henry Miller                                                     Larry Novak
  • Krassimir Manov                                             Bar Mitch (as Krasimir Manv)
  • Ludmil Kehayov                                               Bar Paulie (as Lyudmil Kehayov)
  • Racho Makaveev                                            Bar Chuck
  • Arina Terziyska                                                Raspy Barfly
  • Chris Jarman                                                    Jail Guard
  • Cailean Galloway                                            Bully
  • Alistair Galloway                                             Bully
  • Billy Brayshaw                                                 Older Mark
  • Tegan Grace Muggeridge                              Older Julie
  • Yano Anaya                                                      Grover Dill
  • Seva Tomov                                                     Sled Kid
  • Contantine Tomov                                         Sled Kid
  • Nicholas Colicos                                               Black Bart (as Nicolas Colicos)
  • Norman Murray                               Tree Lot Guy
  • Nathan Cooper                                               Tree Lot Helper
  • Mark Arnold                                                     Neighbour Joe
  • Lyubomir Neikov                                            Hospital Patron (as Lyubomir Neykov)
  • David Gillespie                                                 Hospital Santa
  • J.R. Esposito                                                    Elf (as JR Esposito)
  • Lauren Mora                                                    Elf
  • Mariana Stansheva                                        Mrs. Wisniewski (as Mariana Ivanova Stanisheva)
  • Murphy Daniel Roys                                       Red Disc Sled Kid
  • Jackson Bartkowski                                        Lollipop Kid
  • Nik Shriner                                                       Radio Announcer (as Nicholas Shrina)
  • Ben Diskin                                                        Pulitzer TV Announcer
  • Joseph Al Ahmed                                            Narrator (Uncredited)
  • Owen Davis                                                      Chicago Caroler (Uncredited)
  • Nicole Gulimanova                                         Elf #3 (Uncredited)
  • David Heinz                                                      Ralph’s Manager (Uncredited)
  • Anton Poriazov                                               Stunt Lamp Post Guy 1 (Uncredited)
  • Ivan Rangelov                                                  Frend Flick’s in Tavern (Uncredited)

No one more. These are all of the cast that can be seen in the movie a Christmas Story Christmas movie. What are you waiting for, don’t only read this article? Go see the movie and you will know the movie is worth the hype.

Is It Worth Watching?

This movie is a really amazing movie that I am sure that you are going to love. What’s more, it is very funny and suitable for you and your kids to watch. Frankly speaking, this film will also boost your mood as well as your Christmas spirit.

In addition, it is very touching and emotional so, I am certain that you would love to check it. Take my word for it, you will not be disappointed.

Where To Watch A Christmas Story Christmas

Since the film A Christmas Story Christmas is a new movie, you may notice that it will not be available on some platforms. But in this section, I will be giving you details of some of the places to watch and stream this film:

  • HBO Max.
  • ROW8.
  • Redbox.
  • Vudu.
  • Roku.

So, check out this movie on any of these platforms. But make sure that you have subscribed to the platform to be able to enjoy it without interruption.

Is It On Netflix?

No, A Christmas Story Christmas is not available on Netflix. It is also not available on Amazon Prime Video. This means that you can only stream this movie on any of the movie-streaming platforms I have mentioned above. But you can rent the movie on Amazon Prime for $3.99.