2go is a social network application developed in Cape Town, South Africa by 2go interactive. Over 50 million users make use of this mobile chat app across Africa. Statistics has shown that over 13 million active users make use of this app within South Africa. This app helps in interacting with people all over the world.


Let’s take you to the features of this social Mobile app. www.2go.im

Features of 2go App                                

This app helps users to meet new friends and finding old friends which help us to reach others all over the world. This is one of the easiest and fastest apps when it comes to mobile messaging. This app helps users to be competitive through the use of 2go stars from amateur to ultimate. It also makes use of credit call Go Credit which allows you to enter into 2go room, share credit and lot more.

There is also 2go games, news etc. Note once your go credit is exhausted you will not be allowed to enter into 2go room or play 2go games unless you buy go credit and also the more you log in to the app the more your star increases. These features are rarely seen in other social networks.

What You Need to Know About 2go Mobile App

This app is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa but was formerly originated in Johannesburg. A couple of students at the University of Witwatersrand created the app in the year 2007 as a social media. the app was first started as a mobile web which was used mainly for students then.

Students used it for timetable and to share and upload lectures, which was very helpful. In the year 2008, two of the founders left leaving only Alan Wolff and Ashley Peter behind. Under their care 2go app upgraded from the students only model by targeting developing market in the whole of Africa.

Over 7 billion messages are sent across the app service every month, using the platform currency Go credit to pay for chat rooms. In the year 2013, the app was released for android on the Google play store. While as at December 2014 over 2 million users used the app on android device to chat. in April 2014 the version for BlackBerry 10 was released. The latest release was version 3.8.now before going into details on how to download the latest version 2go 7.0.

Downloading 2go On Your Mobile Device www.2go.im

To download this app on your android device is very easy. But for those who are new to this app well you are lucky to be on this page because you’re going to know how to install the app on your mobile device. Let get this done:

STEP 1: visit the offical website or enter the web address in your address bar as www.2go.im in your browser and click the Google play store icon for android users or you click on your mobile store icon.

STEP 2: Click on install and allow the app to install completely. Now after successful installation of the app. if you are a new user. You can enter your mobile information in order to log into your account.

You can read our 2go sign up steps below in order to be able to create an account. creating an account is free you don’t need to pay any fee in other to create an account. Below is a step by step process.

  1. Launch the 2go app and select your country.
  2. Enter your mobile number and click to continue.
  3. Wait why the app check if your number has already been registered and click on the OK to continue.
  4. Then enter your details information. Such as first name, surname, username, sex, date of birth and location.

Once your registration is successful, you will receive an SMS showing your info such as username and password

Note that you need to write down your username and password and keep them safe. Click OK to continue. It will then connect and give you an option to set a display name. It is recommended that you use your real name as your display name. Click set display name icon below, after successful installation of your name.

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