2 Minute of WhatsApp Transfer from Android to iOS

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On the contrary, it’s very difficult to transfer WhatsApp files from your Android to iOS. When I got my iPhone, it was difficult for me to transfer all my conversations, media files and others document from my Android phone to my iOS. But now WhatsApp transfer from android to iOS is now easy, we will show the guideline on how to transfer conversation, media files, and documents to your iPhone.

2 Minute of WhatsApp Transfer from Android to iOS

Furthermore, it’s kind of frustrating when you find it difficult to access your previous messages especially important messages you fail to keep record off. The is one of the features in which the owner of WhatsApp fail to introduce to one of the features. Installation of application and several steps are required to be able to transfer information. That includes media files, conversations, and documents from Android to iPhone. However, Facebook has finally introduced the feature which offers you the ability to migrate from WhatsApp chat from iOS to Android. The facebook-owned firm has looked forward to introducing the feature soon. Whereby you can transfer the chat to other devices that include Android to iOS.

About New Release Feature of WhatsApp Chat from Android to iOS

Switching devices just to access various messages from group or individual chat can be a little bit frustrating. Likewise, Loc-in is still another problem faced by users when transferring or migrating chat between devices. Facebook is set to release the feature whereby giving users the ability to transfer existing WhatsApp chat and other information from Android to iOS and iOS to Android as well.

The rollout of the feature comes with full potential and works on any device. Whereby the transfer of chat histories from Android to a new or existing iPhone made easy and fast. The feature will be included in the WhatsApp settings. Currently, we don’t know well Facebook will roll out the feature. But there are other technics as well in which you can also use to transfer WhatsApp chat from Android to iOS.

Steps on How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat from Android to iPhone

First of all, there are so many applications provided on the internet with steps to transfer WhatsApp Chat from Android to iOS. Some of which are effective and others don’t work. However, we will provide you with the right application that works effectively. In other to transfer WhatsApp chat from Android to iPhone, using the MobileTrans.

  • First of all, open the MobileTrans on your PC.
  • Then, select the option WhatsApp Transfer.
  • Connect both your Android and iOS to the computer.
  • Select WhatsApp and also Transfer WhatsApp Messages.
  • The application will state scanning your Android and iPhone device.
  • After selecting your device destination, you can start the transfer.

The MobieTrans is one of the respected available in which you can transfer your information securely from one device to another. Keep in mind, you need to be careful of what device you use to transfer your WhatsApp information.