16 Facebook Games To Play On Christmas With Friends

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16 Facebook Games To Play On Christmas – What better way to enjoy the festive Christmas than play Facebook games on Christmas with your friends? With the date of Christmas fast approaching, Facebook has already set in place the best ways you can enjoy Christmas with friends. Facebook games are available to all players of variable ages within an age bracket. What’s more, people are quickly taking charge of the opportunity. This could be another thing that spices up your holiday.

16 Facebook Games To Play On Christmas With Friends

Features of the Facebook Games

Facebook games have certain features that make them worth the excitement and the fun of their usage. By the name, you can tell it’s all about games and this excites people enough to log into their account and play these Facebook games.

Some of the best features of Facebook games include:

  • It is free to play and is only available on the Facebook app. However, do note that data charges may apply
  • It is possible to invite your friends to play with you and it is free of charge
  • Also, you can play your games as you wish and still be active on Facebook

These are some of the best features of Facebook games that you can play with your friends.

16 Facebook Games to Play on Christmas With Friends

If you are looking for the best games that you can play on Christmas with your friends, they are listed below:

Criminal Case

If you happen to have a spark for solving mysteries, this is one interesting game that you need to try out on Facebook. You can already tell that this is going to be a crime came. You only have to solve a crime and move to the next level. However, do note that the steps become harder with each passing level. It is still fun to play.

Bejeweled Blitz

This is one popular puzzle game that is well-known and quite fun to play. Despite the game looking similar to the popular Candy Crush sag, it is more up-level. The game seems to be quite harder and more aggressive. Do not joke with the time limit.

Bubble Shooter Pro

You can already tell what the game will be by the name. Yes, it is a game that requires you to shoot bubbles, but it has its twist. You only have to shoot bubbles that belong to the same colors. If you shoot and land at a different color, the game grows toward you and you have to stay alive.

Liquid Sort Puzzle

This game can often be found in random ads, but it has fun attached to it. The puzzle in the game requires you to use your thinking and figure out how to match the liquid in the test tube with another one of the same colors. Note that there are various test tubes and all colors are mixed. Enjoy.

Daily Sudoku

This is another one of those great Facebook gamers that you can work on the right from the app. It is said to need no introduction and it requires you to fill each block, column, and row ranging from 1 to 9. There will be a guide that tells you how to play before commencing and you will eventually learn the ropes.


This is a digital game that can be played individually but is also found on Facebook. What’s more, this is a perfect game that you can play with your friends when they aren’t even around. The first player has to sink all the opponent’s ships and if succeeds, he wins. It’s super fun to play and you can try it.

Piano Music Master

Do you want to get a taste of music while having fun? Start playing the Piano Music Master. This is a game that you might have previously installed on your phone to play with. However, playing this on Facebook gives you a connection to play with friends.

Super Dash

The rules are simple: You have to tap to jump, and then double tap to double jump as well. Furthermore, you are on a mission to collect coins and powerups and you have to do this for as long as you can.

Throne Rush

An RTS game with a simple game format and easy-to-understand gameplay would be the Throne Rush game. All you have to do is to start creating buildings, start building an army, get into battles with other people, defend your kingdom and win. Furthermore, the visuals are pretty good and it’s one you are going to love.

16 Facebook Games To Play On Christmas – Chess

This powerful game has now been integrated into the Facebook app and among its list of Facebook games to play with friends this Christmas. If you want a game that will test and push your mental capacity, play this game. If you want to want to play this game an easier way, play this game on Facebook Games. 

Ludo King

This game is also among the list of Facebook games to play and this is because its charm is still in full play. The game is quite easy to play and is without a doubt an addictive one at that.

Golf Clash

This is one of those sports games that made its way into the Facebook games list. It’s addictive, it can be played with various players and it’s relaxing. You only have to ensure you upgrade your clubs, unlock tours, and win.

8 Ball Pool

Looking for another addictive game that you can play with friends? Try playing the 8 Ball Pool. It isn’t only addictive, but it’s also popular and highly rated on Facebook. If you don’t know how to play, the rules are pretty simple and will be given to you.

Super Bowling

Why don’t we just include Super Bowling in the list of sports category games you can play on Facebook?  The game is pretty straightforward and it kind of gives off the experience of playing the real game.

Hero Wars

Another cool game that you can play with friends on Christmas through Facebook would be Hero Wars. Furthermore, it’s a classic game, it features 2D graphics and it’s super fun. You have to be a guardian who goes on a mission to save guardians from a demon.

Moto Racing

Let’s conclude this game list with a motor racing game.  This is a classic Facebook game that you can play online. You have to ensure you win without bumping into other vehicles in traffic. What’s more, it’s fun, and can be played while comfortable.

You can go through this list and select the best game that you and your friends would like to use to turn up this Christmas holiday. Make this a wonderful Christmas with your friends.