13 Good Movies to Watch on BritBox This December 2022

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December is slowly coming to an end and I am sure you want to make the best of it. Furthermore, there are a lot of shows that you can check out online. Moreover, a lot of movie-streaming platforms make them available to users across the globe. For example, Christmas movies. This is why I decided to help you out by giving you 13 Good Movies To Watch On BritBox This December 2022. So, to all BritBox users out there, you have something to look forward to this holiday.

13 Good Movies To Watch On BritBox This December 2022

13 Good Movies To Watch On BritBox This December 2022

Below are some of the good and highly recommended movies to watch on Britbox this 2022 December holiday with your friends and families:

  1. A Child’s Christmas in Wales.
  2. The Lady Vanishes.
  3. An Inspector Calls.
  4. Elizabeth: The Unseen Queen.
  5. Slab Boys.
  6. My Box Jack.
  7. Oliver Twist.
  8. The Darkest Hour.
  9. Bugsy Malone.
  10. Susan Hill’s Ghost Story.
  11. Clash of the Santas.
  12. How To Catch a Serial Killer.
  13. Mother’s Day.

A Child’s Christmas in Wales

One of the best Christmas movies on BritBox that you need to view is A Child’s Christmas in Wales. Furthermore, it is very nice so you can enjoy it with your family and friends.

Genre: Children’s film, Drama.

The Lady Vanishes

The lady vanishes is the perfect film to watch if you are into drama and comedy. It tells the story of train travelers who get stuck due to an avalanche.

Genre: Psychological thriller, Comedy, Spy, Thriller, Drama, Mystery.

An Inspector Calls

BritBox is making nice and good movies available on BritBox for everyone. So, you do not have to get worked up when you are looking to check out a movie. Another one that I will recommend for you is An Inspector Calls.

Genre: Crime thriller.

Elizabeth: The Unseen Queen

Another movie that you should not miss out on this year on BritBox is Elizabeth: The Unseen Queen. This film is about the story of the departed Queen Elizabeth’s life.

Genre: Documentary.

Slab Boys

Slab Boys is another movie that you definitely need to check out and watch on BritBox this December 2022.

Genre: Drama, Comedy.

My Box Jack

My box jack is one of the good movies that you can check out on BritBox and watch this December 2022. What’s more, it is based on real-life events.

Genre: History.

Oliver Twist

Oliver twist is a very famous movie that got its plot from the Oliver Twist book. Furthermore, the book was written by Charles Dickens. But thanks to BritBox, you can see how directors and cast bring the book to life.

Genre: Crime film, Children’s film, Drama.

The Darkest Hour

The darkest hour sounds spooky right? Well, it is. But it is not something you should be afraid of. Apart from belonging to the genre of horror, it is also very interesting and perfect for this December 2022.

Genre: Action, Thriller, Horror, Adventure, Science Fiction.

Bugsy Malone

Bugsy Malone? Sounds funny right? Well, the movie Bugsy Malone is a very funny film. It tells the story of some kids who live the life of gangsters but they do not make use of guns, or knives. Instead, they use pies.

Genre: Mafia, Children’s film, Musical, Comedy, Crime Fiction, Crime film, Comedy music, Music.

Susan Hill’s Ghost Story

Do you believe in ghosts or you are a huge fan of supernatural things, then you need to check out Susan Hill’s ghost story. Moreover, it is considered one of the good movies on BritBox to watch this December 2022.

Genre: Fiction, Drama, Horror.

Clash of the Santas

This is another movie that you need to check out. Clash of the Santas is an amazing movie that is available on BrixBox so as a user, you can check it out. So, clash of the Santas is a movie about 2 friends who travel to Lithuania to participate in a Santa Claus contest.

Genre: Comedy, Drama.

How To Catch a Serial Killer

How to catch a serial killer is one of the 13 good movies to watch on BritBox this December 2022. Moreso, it is also a good choice for those who love documentaries.

Genre: Documentary.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is available on BritBox for users who need something funny. Furthermore, this movie is very inspiring and it tells the story of two mothers whose lives get coiled up together on Mother’s day.

Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy.