13 Good Movies On VUDU To Watch This 2022 December

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There is no doubt that a lot of people will be relaxing and taking a break this month because Christmas is just around the corner, So, this means that you can spend quality time with your friends and families. Furthermore, Vudu has a hand in making this December quite memorable for all its users. In other words, there will be nice movies that you can check out when you subscribe to their platform. In this blog post, I will be giving you 13 Good Movies On VUDU To Watch This 2022 December. Now, with these movies, you can enjoy and get the best holiday experience you deserve.

13 Good Movies On VUDU To Watch This 2022 December

13 Good Movies On VUDU To Watch This 2022 December

Now, I will begin to list out some of the best good and best films to check out with your kids, families, and friends on Vudu:

  1. The Miracle Panda.
  2. Dying For A Crown.
  3. All In My Power.
  4. Butlers In Love.
  5. Old Strangers.
  6. The Hoard.
  7. The Late Possession.
  8. Frost.
  9. A Royal Romance Runaway.
  10. Bundles.
  11. I Won’t Let You Go.
  12. Line Sisters.
  13. Ghost Light.

The Miracle Panda

The Miracle Panda is a really good movie and you can watch it this 2022 December on Vudu. Furthermore, this film is about a panda whose name is Xia Qi Ji. What’s more, the panda is also a symbol of cooperation between China and America. So, you can check it out on Vudu.

Genre: Nature Documentary.

Dying For A Crown

Dying for a crown is another amazing film option that you need to check out on Vudu this 2022 December. So, this movie is about a teenage girl who got accepted into a high school. However, she seeks popularity as well, therefore, planning to be the homecoming queen.

Genre: Thriller.

All In My Power

Another movie that you need to see on Vudu this 2022 December is All in my power. Moreover, you can watch it together with your family as well.

Genre: Drama, Documentary.

Butlers In Love

If you are searching for a romantic yet funny movie to watch this 2022 December, then you should watch Butlers in love. This tells the story of two people Emma and Henry. Now it is up to you to find out how they begin to grow feelings for each other as they embark on a journey to be royal butlers.

Genre: Comedy, Romance.

Old Strangers

Old Strangers is one of the 13 good movies on Vudu to Watch this 2022 December. Moreover, if you love scary movies, then you can check out this film on Vudu today and enjoy the tension that it builds.

Genre: Science fiction, Horror.

The Hoard

Another horror movie that you can check out is The Hoard. Luckily for you, if you make use of Vudu, it is available for you to stream.

Genre: Comedy Horror, Mockumentary, Comedy. Horror.

The Late Possession

This is three horror movies in a row. The late possession is a psychological horror movie and it is about a family who works to rebuild their lives back. However, everything does not go as planned.

Genre: Psychological Horror.


One of the best movies available on Vudu today and you can watch during the holiday this 2022 December is Frost. The film is about a young woman and her distant father who get trapped on a mountainside during a storm in the winter.

Genre: Short, Drama.

A Royal Romance Runaway

Do you love romantic movies? Here is one that you need to check out. A royal romance runaway is also one of the good movies on Vudu to watch this 2022 December.

Genre: Romance, Comedy.


Another great movie that you can check out that I will recommend to you and it is also available on Vudu is Bundles. Now, you can enjoy all the drama in this amazing film this 2022 December.

Genre: Drama.

I Won’t Let You Go

I won’t let you go is a movie about a woman whose ex-boyfriend begins to stalk her. But she turns to her husband for safety and protection but her ex-boyfriend will not stop stalking her. What will happen to her in the movie?

Genre: Thriller.

Line Sisters

One movie that I will recommend to you that you need to watch and you will not be disappointed is Line Sisters. So, this movie is about four women who want to get together to celebrate. However, they learn secrets of themselves which pulls them apart.

Genre: Thriller, Mystery.

Ghost Light

The movie Ghost light is another good movie on Vudu that you can watch this 2022 December.

Genre: Horror, Science fiction.