13 Good Movies on Plex to Watch This December 2022

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There are varieties of movies that you can watch and stream and they are perfect for every occasion. For instance, Christmas, or Halloween. So, if you are searching for the perfect movie that you can watch this December, then you are right place. Keep scrolling to find 13 Good Movies On Plex To Watch This 2022 December. Furthermore, Plex is one of the most popular movie-streaming platforms used by millions of people all around the world. Moreover, Plex is offering varieties of movies that you can stream online in December 2022. Now, let us just hope that you will be able to pick once you check out all of them.

13 Good Movies On Plex To Watch This 2022 December

13 Good Movies On Plex To Watch This 2022 December

Since December is already here, there are different movies that you can check out while you are on holiday. Some of them include:

  1. The woman at War.
  2. Four Lions.
  3. Zana.
  4. De Palma.
  5. Summer Hours.
  6. Blue Ruin.
  7. 99 Homes.
  8. The Trotsky.
  9. Stuck in Love.
  10. We The Animals.
  11. Shadow.
  12. American Animals.
  13. The Whistleblower.

Woman at War

One of the good movies that you can watch on Plex this 2022 December is Woman at War. Furthermore, this film is about a choir leader who was an eco-warrior. If you are curious to find out what happened, then check it out on Plex.

Genre: Comedy drama, Thriller, Action, Narrative.

Four Lions

Four lions is another good movie that I recommend you watch this 2022 December. What’s more, it is available on Plex so, you can stream it anytime you want.

Genre: Crime film, Drama, Narrative, Comedy.

13 Good Movies On Plex – Zana

Zana is one of the best movies on Plex. Furthermore, it was released and aired in 2019 but it remains one of the best movies on this platform. This movie is about a woman called Lume. Moreover, she has a daily routine that she follows and one of them is going to see the doctor. However, she still does not get pregnant so she is taken to a witch doctor.

Genre: Drama.

De Palma

One of the best and most good documentaries on Plex to watch this 2022 December is De Palma. So, I suggest you go and watch it now.

Genre: Documentary.

Summer Hours

Summer Hours is a 2008 movie but it is so worth watching. It is about two brothers and a sister who are witnesses to the disappearance of their childhood memories when it was time to claim their family belongings.

Genre: Children’s film, Drama.

Blue Ruin

This movie is very nice and is also a perfect option if you have not decided what to watch this December 2022.

Genre: Indie film, Thriller, Crime film, Drama.

99 Homes

99 Homes is another film that you need to see with your friends the 2022 December. Equally important, it is available and you can stream it on Plex. So, do not hesitate to check it out yourself now.

Genre: Drama.

The Trotsky

The Trotsky is another best movie that you can watch or stream on Plex this December 2022.

Genre: Political cinema, Comedy, Teen.

Stuck in Love

Stuck in Love is an excellent movie and you need to see it. Put little faith in me because I will not disappoint you. Besides, it is something new so you can check it out.

Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy.

We The Animals

We the Animals is a film about three Puerto Ricans who are half-white but they grew up in New York. Sadly, their parents are not getting along well so this leaves the three boys to take care of their selves.

Genre: Drama, Coming-of-age story.


This is an amazing Chinese movie that you do not want to miss. Furthermore, it was released in 2018. So, the movie will take you back to the time of China’s three kingdoms. Furthermore, the film is about a king and his people. Unfortunately, they were removed from their territory and land. Now, they have to fight to get it back.

Genre: Drama, Action, War, Historical Drama.

American Animals

Did you know that the movie American Animals is based on a real-life story? The movie is about two close friends that decided to steal and rob a library that has rare books. Moreso, these books are not just rare but are also expensive as well.

Genre: Heist, Crime film, Drama.

The Whistleblower

The whistleblower is another movie that is based on a true story, In other words, it was derived from a real-life event.

Genre: Crime fiction, Drama, Thriller, Historical drama, Crime film.