13 Good Movies to Watch on Hulu this 2022 December

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Are you a Hulu subscriber? Are you looking for a good place to watch and catch up with some of the best movies in 2022? Then stop searching because you can do this on Hulu. Furthermore, millions of people make use of Hulu and thousands are subscribing every day. So, if you are a new or existing user, then you are so lucky you found this article. Just keep reading because I will be telling 13 Good Movies On Hulu To Watch This 2022 December. Therefore, I am making this very easy for you. In other words, you do not have to start make research all over again.

13 Good Movies On Hulu To Watch This 2022 December

13 Good Movies On Hulu To Watch This 2022 December

Below are some of the best and most viewed movies on Hulu and it is a perfect choice if you want to watch a nice movie in December:

  1. Better Days.
  2. Mamma Mia!
  3. Julie & Julia.
  4. Mr. Popper’s Penguins.
  5. The Patriot.
  6. The French Dispatch.
  7. I Am Not Your Negro.
  8. The Valet.
  9. Saw.
  10. The Worst Person In The World.
  11. The Last Tourist.
  12. Rosaline.
  13. The Last Duel.

Better Days

Better days is one movie that you have to see. It was launched in 2019 and it is available on Hulu for all users. Furthermore, better days is a film that is based on a Chinese adult novel. So, this movie is about a high school student who is bullied and a street thug.

Genre: Drama.

Mamma Mia!

This is one of the good movies on Hulu to watch this 2022 December. So, this movie is about a woman who is making plans for her daughter’s wedding. However, this woman has a little trick under her sleeve. Therefore, she brings 3 mystery men to her daughter’s wedding.

Genre: Romance, Comedy.

Julie & Julia

I have to recommend this movie because it is worth it. Trust me it is not a waste of time because you will be glued to your seats. So, make sure that you prepare all the snacks you need you will need because you will not want to stand up from where you are seated.

Genre: Drama, Romance.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Mr. popper’s penguins is another good movie and one of the best on Hulu. Moreover, it is accessible and available for you to stream on Hulu. What’s more, you can watch it with your kids as well.

Genre: Family, Comedy.

The Patriot

This movie is a 2000 movie but you still need to see it. So, if you are into action movies with a little drama, then check out the patriot on Hulu this 2022 December.

Genre: History, Action, Drama, War.

The French Dispatch

Another movie that you need to see is the French Dispatch. Furthermore, it was aired in 2021 and is available on Hulu. So, you can check it out with your friends and families and make this December quite a memorable one.

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance.

I Am Not Your Negro

Are you a fan of documentaries? Then you should see this one. I am not your Negro is also rated one of the best documentaries on Hulu. So, do not miss it.

Genre: Documentary.

The Valet

The Valet is another good film on Hulu to watch this 2022 December. Moreover, it has everything you are looking for. In other words, if you are looking for a romantic movie, well here is one. Besides, it is a 2022 movie.

Genre: Romance, Comedy.

13 Good Movies On Hulu – Saw

Saw (2004) is one of the most popular horror movies in the world today. Furthermore, it is available on Hulu as well so you do not have to miss out on the mystery behind this film. So, if you are a fan of horror movies, then you need to see Saw.

Genre: Mystery, Horror, Crime.

The Worst Person In The World

The worst person in the world; sounds like a funny movie, right? Well, it is. This film is packed with romance, drama, and comedy to make this December fun for you.

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama.

The Last Tourist

The last tourist is one of the good documentaries that you need to watch on Hulu this December 2022.

Genre: Documentary.


Are you into romantic movies? Well, here is one for you. Rosaline is a very good movie and you can watch it on Hulu.

Genre: Comedy, History, Romance.

The Last Duel

Another film that you have to see and do not want to miss out on is the last duel. If you are also into these historical movies, then I recommend you watch this.

Genre: Drama, Action, History.