13 Good Christmas Movies On Britbox To Watch This 2022

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I am widely aware that Christmas is approaching and I am pretty much sure that you are searching for amazing movies that will go well with this holiday. So, if you are using Britbox or are an existing user, you will find out 13 Good Christmas Movies On Britbox To Watch This 2022. Furthermore, 2022 is coming to an end and we are working towards venturing into the new year. But if you are looking for the perfect way to celebrate this special day with your family and loved ones. This is why I will be giving your information about some of the best movies you can stream on Britbox.

13 Good Christmas Movies On Britbox To Watch This 2022

Moreover, I know how hard it can be sometimes to select or choose the perfect movie that will make you and your family enjoy sitting together as you stream them. So, I am here to help you, so keep reading to find out 13 Good Christmas Movies On Britbox To Watch This 2022. With these movies, you do not need to go through the stress of watching the trailer of over a million movies before selecting one. All you have to do is to keep this article handy and you can also share it with your friends and families as well.

13 Good Christmas Movies On Britbox To Watch This 2022

There is the availability of movies online but selecting the best one for the mood can be slightly hard. So, if you are searching for nice Christmas movies that you can watch and stream on Britbox, here are some that you need to try out:

  1. Hamlet.
  2. Carols From King’s.
  3. Mr. Stink.
  4. The Executioner.
  5. Christmas Lights.
  6. Rising Damp.
  7. An Adventure In Space And Time.
  8. Barbarian.
  9. Persuasion.
  10. A Christmas Carol.
  11. Jekyll And Hyde.
  12. K-9 And Company.
  13. Christmas With The Kranks.


Hamlet is one of the movies I would recommend to you to watch during Christmas with your family and friends. It is also perfect for the season. Furthermore, Hamlet was released in 1996 but it is still a hit up to date.

The movie is about the Prince of Denmark called Hamlet. He finally decides to come home only to find out that his father was killed and his mom ended up marrying his uncle who is said to be the killer. What will Hamlet do now that his uncle is planning to kill him? Find out on Britbox.

Genre: Crime fiction, Romance, Thriller, Drama.

Carols From King’s

Carols from King’s is a film about a solo vocalist who will be singing in the royal city of David. Moreover, this will be performed to start all the Christmas traditions or rituals. Get ready to stream it on Britbox with stress.

Genre: Documentary, Musical.

Mr. Stink

Do you need a movie that will touch but at the same time will still be full of drama? Then you should watch the movie Mr. Stink. It is exactly what you need and it is available to stream and watch on Britbox.

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Children’s film.

The Executioner

I also approve of this movie. You need to also watch it with your family and friends. So, if you have subscribed to Britbox, then you can stream it.

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Dark Comedy.

Christmas Lights

The movie is about two close friends who began a competition between themselves on who decorate the house better for Christmas. But this competition and rivalry began to affect their relationship negatively. Will they overcome? Well, that is up to you to find out.

Genre: Comedy Drama, Drama.

Rising Damp

Rising damp is based on Comedy. It also tells the story of a man who is a boarding house owner and has the opportunity to get together with his old residents. You can also watch this movie on Britbox.

Genre: Comedy, Romance.

An Adventure In Space And Time

You are actually making the right decision if you are going to watch this movie during Christmas because it is one of the best. Furthermore, it was launched in 2013 but it is still worth watching in 2022.

Genre: Drama.


Do you need a scary movie to watch on Christmas? One of the best Christmas movies on Britbox to watch this 2022 is Barbarian. The movie is about a girl who wants to stay in a house as a tenant. However, as she stays there, she began to feel afraid, and her fear increases.

Genre: Mystery, Horror.


Another one that you shouldn’t miss is Persuasion. The movie is about a woman called Anne Elliot and her ex-lover who comes back into her life, Now, she has to decide on whether to put the past behind her or all her heart guide her and give him a second chance

Genre: Drama, Romance.

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas carol is a must-watch and if you have a subscription to Britbox, you will be able to watch this movie. It is about a man who makes plans to change his lifestyle on Christmas eve so I guess you want to he how that one ends.

Genre: Fiction, Fairytale, Mortality Play, Victorian literature, Christmas story, Novella, Ghost story.

Jekyll And Hyde

If you are into scary and spooky movies, then you should watch Jekyll and Hyde. It is a good Christmas movie that I recommend you watch this 2022. The movie is about a man named Dr. Jekyll. He was charged with murder.

Genre: Fantastique, Horror fiction, Science fiction, Mystery, Novella, Fantasy fiction, Sensation novel.

K-9 And Company

If you need a movie that will bring your and your family closer together, then go and check out K-9 and Company on Britbox. It is also must watch and an ideal option for Christmas.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Science fiction, Children’s television series.

Christmas With The Kranks

Christmas with the Kranks is definitely going to spike up and spice up your Christmas spirit. It is perfect and it is also available on Britbox. The movie tells the story of a family who makes effort to plan the best Christmas for their daughter who has not been around with them for a while.

Genre: Comedy, Slapstick, Children’s film, Adaptation.