123 Movies – How to Stream Unlimited Movies for Free

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Where can you stream the best movies in high quality? Nowadays streaming movies is not a problem as there are so many possible ways you can stream movies of your choice without having to pay. One of these ways is through movies sites. Although, not all movies site allows you stream freely. But one of them which enables you to stream freely is 123 movies. 123 movies not only enable you to stream movies for free but also offers them to you in the best quality. All you just have to do is enter the movie you want from the site into the unique search engine tool it offers and then get your movie for streaming.

On the contrary, 123 movies are known to be one of the most popular illegal websites around the world and have been shut down countless times. But still, it changes its domain to carry on with providing pirated movies contents for its users to stream freely. However, the original domain and URL of the 123movies website were 123 movies. to which later changed to other domains.

The website happens to have about 98 million users at its peak even though it uploads content without a license. This website gives movies of HD, HD-RIP, Blu-ray, and camera qualities of films. Although, the website has still made movies lovers stream movies comfortably in their comfort zones.

More About 123 Movies

Unlike so many other websites, 123 movies don’t lead you directly to its homepage. But instead takes you to the search engine tool where you can locate any movie of your choice. But note that, is that if a keyword is entered, it provides you with different alternatives for you to choose from. Although, on the 123movies website you might find only a search engine. Actually, there are some movies genres that you can click on if you have got no idea of a movie to stream in mind.

When you have searched for a movie, it redirects you to another site. Then you get to stream or download that movie. But some of these sites might require you to sign up or sign in before streaming or downloading from their site. But most of these sites don’t require you to pay. Also, 123movies’ new website/domain claims that all contents on their site are provided and generated by Google search engine API. As it offers the same search results as Google.com. There’s still more to know about 123 movies. Would you like to know? Read through this article.

Categories of Movies On 123 movies

From what can be seen on the website there are two categories which include Genres and countries. If finding it difficult to locate this, just scroll down to locate it. With these categories, locating movies appears to be very much easier. Here are the categories of movies on 123 movies below;


  • Action
  • Animation
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Musical
  • Romance


  • France
  • Korea
  • China
  • International
  • United Kingdom
  • United states

After selecting a movie from the category you are interested in, you can now enter the movie title. Enter it into the search engine and locate the movie for streaming. See steps below on how to stream movies on 123movies.

How to Stream Movies on 123 Movies

Streaming movies on 123 movies appears to be very easy and hassle-free. If you are new to 123movies, I’d like to tell you that the streaming steps can be easily figured out. This could be because the website being different from every other website only possesses a search engine. Here are steps on how to stream on 123movies below;

  • Visit 123 movies website https://123 movies-to.org/
  • Enter your movie keyword into the search engine
  • Click on the search icon
  • Select from the alternative or results offered to you
  • Click on your choice
  • On the redirected page, follow instructions given to you to stream your movie.

You can stream movies unlimitedly using this site. Join its other users today to stream movies unlimitedly on 123 movies for free of charge. Also, enjoy these movies in the best quality.