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If you have been looking for a reliable platform where you can download Bollywood zinkHD.com is the right platform for you to download all your HD videos. This is an all around video platform just like wapmon, Wapwon, Sabwap and lots more just to name a few.


On zinkHD.com video web platform there are millions of videos and full movies up for download. This is an HD content web platform where you can get access to all your favorite videos in HD quality. ZinkHD platform is not just about the HD videos you can also download youtube videos on this platform.

ZinkHD Web Platform Review

This web platform is open to all users and it has a user-friendly interface that supports both mobile and PC. A user can easily navigate around the web portal and get a particular video they want to download. ZinkHD has made it possible that users can now make use of the category menu section to make a quick search below the list of videos.

There are seven major menu sections available on the zinkHD.com web platform that features Hollywood trailers and clips. These are the complete list of categories you can find on the platform just below the listed videos on the home page.

  • Fresh Movies Trailers.
  • Movie Trailers.
  • Trailers.
  • Movieclips  Trailers.
  • Top 50 Channels.
  • Movieclips.
  • Movieclips coming soon.

These are all the categories that are available on this web platform. If you want to make a quick search you can also make use of the search bar to search for a particular video. This is the fastest way to find a particular video on this portal because there are millions of videos on this platform.

Using the search bar makes it easier for users to find the video they are looking for on the zinkHD.com platform. The search bar is just at the topmost section on this platform where users are been required to enter the video name before clicking on the search icon.

ZinkHD.com Video Description

Due to the multiple uploads of a particular video on this portal. ZinkHD admin has made it possible that users can now get a full description of the video before downloading. This section is to enable the user to make sure he gets all the information’s present on the video before downloading.

ZinkHD has really made it so easy for a user that can even get information about the duration of the video before downloading. A user can also see how the video is been rated on the web portal to know what other users who have seen the video rate it as.

Due to the high number of demand in video, there are some low-quality videos on this platform. ZinkHD been a reliable portal for video also has a quality definition description that informs user about the quality of the video. A user can also get to see information about the author it the video.

How to Download ZinkHD Video and Audio

In other to download video on this portal you don’t need to sign up or login to this portal. The only thing required is a web browser and a good internet connection. This we put you on the edge to start downloading a video for free.

  1. Launch your web browser and enter the URL as www.zinkhd.com on the address bar section.
  2. You can either make a quick search using the search bar above or click on any video on the display list.
  3. Click on download video icon to start downloading the video to your device.

A user can also download mp3 audio of the video only. Here is how you can download zinkHD mp3 audio of any video if you want to download just the audio only. Just at the last page where you see the download icon, click on the download audio icon to download zinkHD mp3 audio file of any video.

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