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Zamob is a media website whereby you can get games videos, themes, photos, wallpaper, and music. It is a site where you can listen and download music or games. You can also get wallpapers for your laptops and themes on your phone. What I love about Zamob is the games section for mobile phone.


On Zamob game section, you can play games online and download mobile games for free. There are different kinds of games like animation games, football games and lots more on Zamob game section. Downloading games and any other features of the website is very free and downloads faster than any other site.

Zamob Mp3 Music Download

Zamob mp3 music download is a website where you can get music of all kinds, hiphop, RnB, gospel, and much more music category. You can also download games on and all, this content is free. Zamob is not just for young people but also aged ones, that means you can get any song of your choice and download for your own personal satisfaction.

You can download all songs from Zamob free music section, and you can get all kinds of music from the portal. There are different kinds of stuff you can download from  you can get mobile games, audio song, gospel music and lots more when you visit the web portal.

When you visit the website you don’t need to sign up before you get access to whatever you want to do on the site either download songs, games etc. There is no sign up section or icon every user who enters the web address correctly is logged in automatically.

How to Download Free Music on

There are different kinds of music you can get on Zamob free music like gospel songs, RnB hip-hop, classical, romantic and other music. I will let you know how to download all these songs on Zamob free music. When I want to download songs, I follow this procedure:

  1. Open your web browser using either opera mini, chrome, ucbrowser maxilla and the likes.
  2. Input Zamob free music download in the searching space at the upper side of the web browser.
  3. Click on the search icon on the right-hand side of your searching space.

It brings out to you several options like human, animal, effects, ringing, musical, international, vechiles, computer games, sound. You are not looking for all of that so you click on musical, it displays to you all sort of songs like:

  • Love music.
  • Instrument.
  • Rap.
  • African music.
  • Classical music.
  • Piano voice.
  • Hiphop01.
  • Arabic music.
  • Whistle song.
  • Best sound track.
  • Happy birthday 02.

There are still other music categories you will find there like bass guitar rhythm and lot more. You haven’t gotten your songs yet, you then click on any of the options above that is any song you would like to listen to and download both hip-hop, classical and the likes.

For instance, I want to download love music, I will just click on love music and it displays to me love music and I choose the one I want to download and click on download.

Something very interesting and good about this is that it is one of the fastest downloading sites in the world. Once you click on the download icon it drops into your phone in seconds, not even minute. You can only be delayed if you are not connected to the internet connection.

Download Song Lyrics |

You can also get the lyrics of any song downloaded. Follow this procedure to get the lyrics of your song on the web portal there are several features. Song lyrics is one of it so to get the lyrics of a song.

  • Click on song lyrics in the home page on the front page of the site.
  • Enter the name of the song you will like to download on the search bar and input the name of the artist.
  • Click on the search icon.

You can also browse artist name in case you forget the name below the search icon the is alphabet A-Z where you can click on any of the letters to get the names of the artist.

The process above is the same with the process which you can download the videos and any other features. I will also discuss how to download videos on . But before I proceed I will like to inform you that you can also change your language on Zamob in case you don’t want to read in English, all you do is simple, follow this procedure below.

How To Change Language On Zamob Portal

  • Open your web browser either opera mini, UC browser and any web browser you have on your phone or your computer.
  • Input in the URL address bar section.
  • Click on search on the right-hand side of your search bar. It opens the website for you.
  • Scroll down on the page, it is the last option on the page.
  • Click on the change language

When you click on the change language it brings to you multiple languages like American English, Albanian, Afrikaans, Arabic, Azerbaijani, Bulgarians, Bengali, Chinese, French and so on. Click on the preferred language and it changes automatically.

After you have changed your language you can continue your search on your preferred games.

  1. Go to the web browser any one you have on your phone that is active on your phone that is active and fully connected to the internet connection either opera mini, UC browser, etc.
  2. Enter download mobile games into the search bar at the uppermost space on the website.
  3. Click on the search icon at the right-hand side of the search bar.

It will display to you new games that you can play on phones and laptops or computer and also the most downloaded games. There are other features there like:

  • Kid games
  • Action games
  • Racing games
  • Movie games
  • Classic games
  • Casino games
  • Sports games

I personally love the action games it really helps your brain work faster and smarter in all that you do.

Click on any of the games it brings the games for you to download and then click on download icon. Downloading games from Zamob Game section gives you access to all the games at any time on your mobile phone or your computer.

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