www.facebook.com is a social media network where users can share photos, interact with other users, and meet new friends and family.  There are also some amazing features whereby a user can like and comment on other user’s photo.


Thou there is a new add icon same as the like icon but this time it’s with a heart shape and other Emoticons such as like, love, wow, haha, sad, and angry. A user can click on the icon to show expression on how they feel about the user’s photo.

There are lots of more you can do on www.facebook.com such as.

  • Chat.
  • Comment.
  • Share.
  • Like.
  • Send a friend request.
  • Status ( say what’s on your mind )

Facebook Chat.. A user can send short messages to other users they have as a friend on. This is like exchanging text messages in a unique order whereby a user types the message and hit the send icon to get the message sent to the user.

This is just like your normal chat platform whereby you get to see an icon showing that the users are online. Facebook chat is one of the best and easiest chat platforms to access. It’s free fast and easy to use if you have a Facebook account.

Facebook Comment. One interesting thing about this social media is the way other users tend to comment on other users photo, status, and comment. You can only comment on this social platform using the comment box just below the photo or status. In other for a user to comment on a user’s comment. Click on the reply icon below the comment and write your comment in the comment feed.

Why using Facebook comment a user can also add photo and stickers also known as Emoticons to their comment. There is also an option to like a user’s comment.

Facebook Share. this social portal has now made it possible for users to share photo and status to public, friends, only me (on their private wall) and more option to share on group and page. A user can use the share now (public), share, and share as a message.

A user can use the share icon to share on a friend’s timeline, share in a group, share in an event, share on a page you manage, and share in a private message. To share a photo or comment.

Facebook Like. A user can click on the thumb’s up icon to like a user’s photo or status. This social portal has just added five new Emoticons to the Facebook like icon use can easily click either of them to show what your expression is on a user photo or status. A user can also like a user’s comment when they click on the like icon next to the comment.

Send a friend request. Every on this great social media platform can send a friend request to other users. This is an amazing feature that gives you access to send the user a message, like his photo, comment on his wall, and a lot more.

A user can only see an update of users that he or she is friend with. In other to add a user as a friend you need to send a Facebook friend request and the user has to accept your request. This gives you full access to communicate or even like the user’s photo and status.

Facebook Status. This is usually a message by the user just to express his feeling or say what’s on is mind. It can be anything the user just has to write something on the status box and publish it before you can call it status. Status only shows on the user’s wall and it can be set to be viewed by Public, Friends, Only Me and more options to select a page you manage.

Thou there are also other features like that I we be talking on.

  • page.
  • Profile.
  • Apps.
  • Groups.

Let’s talk about the login process and what you need to login to your account.

In other to access your account you need to create an account. This is a free process, user doesn’t have to pay any fee in other to open an account.

www.facebook.com Account

Creating a Facebook account is free to all users. Once your account is created, the user can share interesting things with friends and family. You can also upload image chat and much more. This with also give you access to the Facebook login page. Where you can enter your login information and hit the login icon to access your account.

Let’s get started. Just follow the below steps.

  1. Launch your browser and enter the URL as www.facebook.com to access the portal. Note that you must be a least 13 years old in other to be able to create a Facebook account.
  2. Below the login box you see Create an Account from below.
  3. You have to enter your account information such as First Name, Surname, Mobile Number or Email Address, Password, Date of birth, and Gender.
  4. Now you can click on the create an account icon to complete the process.

After you have successfully completed this process you can now login to your account at any time.

You can read our Facebook Login article on how to login.