Vlc is a media player that is available for PC users. That enables you to play and view multimedia digital files such as music, video and even pictures. In respective of the file format. This media player is best known for the ability to play all kinds of video. Irrespective of the video file format.

VLC The best Media Player for Android

The good news is that vlc for android is now available this media player now runs on Android OS. You can now view your favorite movies be it high resolution quality or mobile movie that you play on your DVD or desktop PC using this great app. I have been looking out for media player for android device, that has high picture resolution and that we be able to play flv, mov, mkv 3gp, avi dvd and mp4 movie file format.

There are lots of file format that can be played by this software. Have tried different media players but haven’t seen any that works better than vlc when it comes to fixing broken files. There are lots more you get to enjoy when using vlc.

What’s In The Android Version

There are lots of functionality to enjoy in the android version of vlc media player. Such as the high end audio player that enable vlc to play the audio file of any video. The video player that is responsible for the display of pictures in frames.

Users can stream audio and video from this app via network connection as it supports all types of audio format. You don’t need an additional file or software to make full use of this app. It also has a media library that enables users to browse through all the available folder in their device. This makes it more easy when a user is trying to locate a particular file from this app.

App Requirement

It is mandatory that some level of permission is required in order make the app work properly or run smoothly on your device. This is some hidden features that come along with this app such that it has to work along with the nessesary functionality on your device. For instance whenever you are seeing a movie on your device and you have an incoming call or outgoing call.

Vlc has to pause all current activities. It is also very sensitive to route whenever you rote your device. It also has an auto load ability that enables the app to automatically search for all video files without you browsing for file location. Vlc also disable sleep mode in other to prevent the app from sleep when you are seeing a movie.

How to Download VLC

  1. Go to Google play store.
  2. Navigate to the search box on play store.
  3. Enter the search word as Vlc Media Player
  4. Click on the one that has the picture above to start the installation and download process.
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