Traffic Racer App Review 

Traffic racer is a mobile game that is available on Android, IOS and Blackberry os. This is one of the best mobile car race games that have lots of cars. With some amazing features such as player can change the color their cars, upgrade speed, Handling, Brakes and even wheels of their cars. There are also lots of cars available for purchase.

Traffic racer has various game modes that make it interesting to play. You can select any of this mode.  Like endless one way, endless two-way, Time trial, Freeride, Police chase and Daily bonus. After you have selected a car from the cars you purchased you can also make a selection of Location.


To earn money, players have to select one of the game modes apart from a free ride. They can earn money from points they get when playing any of this game modes. Players can buy a new car and upgrade all necessary features of the car. With the money they earn why playing Traffic Racer. Scores are been calculated by the points you get on.

  1. Distance travelled.
  2. Close Overtaking.
  3. Keep Above 100 KMH.
  4. Opposite Directions.

How to Earn Money on Traffic Racer

They are other ways in which you can also earn money. Like watch a video, like their facebook page and follow them on twitter this are a free way to earn money on traffic racer. A player is also given the opportunity to make some adjustments to the settings such as sound, music, steering, acceleration settings and GFX quality.

One of the most amazing features of traffic racer that make it unique, is that users have the ability to save their games via cloud and access them on a different device. When you sign up for a Gmail account it’s just like taking your games on every device. It doesn’t matter what happens to your mobile phone all you need is sign in to your account to access all your saved data including cars that you have purchased.

Another feature is the 3D graphic view of the cars. You can see all angles of the car by tapping on the screen. You can see a complete angle of the four wheels and the back and front view. You can change the paint colour and make other necessary upgrade.

How to Download and Play Traffic Racer

To download Traffic Racer go to Google play store and enter the keyword Traffic Racer in the search bar of Play store and click on it to start downloading. It we automatically install after successful download or use the link

  1. After downloading the app launch the app.
  2. You can click on Options icon to make an adjustment to the setting.
  3. Click on play Icon and select a car.
  4. Click on play icon again and select game mode and location.

After selecting the location, the game starts automatically. You can also make an adjustment to the setting if you are not comfortable with the previous one you did.