This wonderful game was created by kiloo and sybo. Subway surfers is one of the longest and endless running game and it was built on a metro train background for android and ios devices. Subway Surfer provides a lot of fun for its users because of some major features it has. Some of the reason that make this wonderful game popular was how the leading character Jake jump from one train to another. Slide under and jump through those bars.

Subway Surfers is one of the easiest games to play. Even kids at the age of 4years plus can play it with good comfort. Due to easy control and wonderful features it has.



How to Download Subway Surfers

this game is available on Android and IOS. Its free to download you can download this game from Google play store and Apple store. For Android user Click Here IOS (Iphone) users Click Here to get direct access to the game. Note that this game is free to download at any of this mobile store.

How to play Subway Surfers

Subway Surfer is all about your mind and fast thinking when running. One of its major aims is to run without hitting those obstacles on the way. When using the skate board you need to move smoothly without batching or hitting an obstacle on the way.

You need to move or dodge to the direction you want to head into with falling off the rail way. One thing about the skate board is the advantage it gives the character when he comes in contact with some obstacle on its way (life saver). You can also slide down and rolls with the skate board.

You must be careful when running and jumping from one train to another. This is why it’s all about your mind and fast thinking.

Surprises and Prizes Subway Surfers

On your long unknown endless running. Surprises and prizes always awaits you. Like the bouncing shoes, Coins, stars which double the coins, extra life and different others. Unlocking of various levels is sure as you move smoothly.

Features of Subway Surfers

  • The striking HD graphics its posses which is one best graphics of nowadays, that makes it colour.
  • Subway surfers is an amazing game base on the surprises and prizes you along the way why playing the game.
  • Obtaining of power ups and lives in Subway Surfers are also one feature that keeps the user on the game without restarting all over from the beginning, this can be gotten from the app play store.
  • One nice feature of Subway Surfer is the challenge it gives between friends, the challenge it gives between friends is all about who is achieves the highest score in a period of time.
  • One feature that cannot be left out in Subway Surfers is its adventure on Train, which is jumping from one train to another without  dropping off and also running by train.

The control Icons for Subway Surfers

Subway surfers is a game that work mostly on touch screen phones because its requires quick response to control the action such as sliding, jumping and various movement when playing the game. As a result of this, it does not have any major control icon. All you need to play and control this game is just the swiping of your phone to any direction you want.