Star Contact All Your Favourite Contact For Easy Grouping
For frequent user. Who has lots of contacts that are frequently sending emails to their inbox. Grouping of contact in is actually a good idea. This is a better way of organizing your contact but not every user makes use of this features. Basically, because it requires more actions like clicks.

Star Contact

Google has now made it possible that users can use the star feature. Which requires just one click to organize all your important google mail star contact in a particular section called Starred. This is way of putting all important and favorite star contact for basic organization of contact.

To star contact  for grouping is extremely easy. Most users really love this new features for organizing contact.

How to Star Contact On Gmail For Easy Grouping

  1. Loginto your account or read more on our Gmail login steps on how to login to your account.
  2. When your inbox is fully open click on Gmail icon at the top left corner.
  3. Now click on Contact option below and then click on My Contact to see list of contact you have.
  4. Now here is where you have to click the star icon next to the contact.

You can access all the contact that is been marked with star on Starred tab from your contact menu. For users who want to add a new contact tab you can click on the new contact button. The star contact features makes organization of Gmail contact very easy to manage.

All you need to do as a user is to mark important contact with star icon next to the contact. Other contact can be left alone and later mark as important pending on how important the user later become. With just a click you can quickly access all important and favorite contacts. When you visit the starred contact on your inbox.