Snapchat – What Is Snapchat

Snapchat is a messaging app for strictly videos. With this app a user can recode a video, take a picture and add editing effects such as filter to them before uploading them.


On snapchat the pictures or video that was sent to other users is known as SNAPS. This app allows users to capture moment and turn them into snaps. This amazing app is been crafted by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown.

Our everyday life (moment) is said to be a picture that we are never going to see again. But with Snapchat a user can turn those lovely moments to snaps. With this app a user can take a picture or Video of any beautiful moment. You can take a snap of it and share the moment with friends.

Snapchat Sign Up – How To Create  Snapchat Account

To create an account, follow this step below. To create an account its free you don’t need to pay any fee. Its take less than 2 minutes of your time

  1. To Sign Up you have to download the App click here if you have not download snapchat.
  2. Install and run the app. On the startup page where you see login and sign up click on sign up.
  3. Now you have to enter your Email address in the first box.
  4. Enter your password and you date of birth and hit the sign up button.
  5. Now enter a user name you want to make use of as your identity.
  6. Hit the continue button to proceed to next page.
  7. Select your country and enter your mobile number for verification.
  8. Complete the image verification process

Remember your username is your unique identity on snapchat.

Snapchat Login How To Login

To login to this App user have to download the app on his or her phone. You can check below to get step by step procedure to download snapchat. When you are fully logged in to this you get full access to chat, share photo and video with friends.

  1. To login you have to download the App click here if you have not downloaded the app
  2. Install and run the app. On the startup page where you see login and sign up click on login.
  3. After clicking on the login icon. Enter your user name and password.
  4. Now hit the login icon to login to your account of the user name and password you entered.

How to Add Contact On Snapchat

There are so many alternatives for a user to add other users to their contact. Unlike whatsapp when a user can only add other users by mobile number. But on this app you can add user using Snapcode, Username, Mobile Number, and Nearby function.

The nearby function gives user a room to search for other snapchart users that are close to them or near them. By scanning for users close to your location are also on sanpchat.

Download Snapchat How to Download the App

This app is available on all mobile App store you can go to your mobile store. At the search box enter Snapchat as the key word. You can follow our direct link to download the app.

For Android Phones: Google Play Store Click Here.
For iPhones: App Store Click Here.

on any of this mobile store downloading is free. you can login or sign up after you have successfully download the app on your device.

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