Shadow fight 2 is a story about an invisible warrior in china that is unstoppable. He defeated all the army’s and there is no one that was able to challenge him. He travels far and wide searching for a great battle with any one who is able to defeat him.

Shadow Fight 2

And then discover the gate of Shadow and he took the key to the gate and opens it. As he walk in to the gate the demons of the underworld attracted him they tier his flesh out and draining his soul turning him into Shadow. Him been Shadow he is doom for eternity to battle with demons.

Shadow fight 2 is a game focus on battles and challenges with various warriors that are also doomed to fight for eternity. This game has great graphics with details of all the characters reflected in Shadow.

With lots of challenges and battles to fight. Player can also train before their next challenge. This is an amazing game that has lots of actions when playing. If you have played other fighting games try Shadow fight 2 to get more fighting actions.

How to Download Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is available on Android and IOS it is free to download. To download this app go to your mobile play store ether Android phone users or Iphone users and enter the keyword Shadow Fight 2 at the search bar. You can also download direct apk file from other source when you use google search.

How to Play Shadow Fight 2

This requires you to learn the skills and fighting techniques. Your mission is to defeat all the enemies in deadly combat. Players can also buy weapons with the money they earn from various challenges. Weapons give you the ability to protect and attack your enemy by boosting your fighting skills. The objective of this game is to defeat any enemy you come across in combat. This game happens to be one of the best fighting games I have ever seen.

Game Control Buttons

This icons are the buttons that controls the actions when playing the game. They are located at the lower screen of the game. By the left side is the direction button and on the right side enable you to launch an attack on your enemy. It is advice able that you try each of this buttons in training mode before fighting with your opponent.

Game locations and background music

There are various location in the game with nice graphics and background. This background are displayed normally and are not displayed in shadow. This gives you a very clear picture of the refection of your character and your enemies. each location has different enemies to challenge with.

Player can’t select a particular location they want. This is an auto generated features. The background music and sound are also very great features in the game where by you get to ear sounds of actions like kicks and sound track when fighting.