Score! Hero is a one player simulation game which allows you control over your avatar through 12 seasons of professional and international football. Win games, get three stars and score your way into legendary status in this unrivalled mobile soccer experience.

Score! Hero

The best thing in this game is that. You do not have to play the entire match only. The idea is to participate in the key moments of every game either by scoring or assisting. Not all plays are directed at your avatar. Other team mates get the opportunities to score and assist with you controlling them. It offers a different gaming experience compared to other games.

Score! Hero Game Play

The level begins after a brief cut scene and text narration of the action that has taken place. Until the point where the Hero is needed, those moments in each match that changes the outcome one way or the other. Once a pass makes its way to a player either the game pauses and the player makes another pass or the player keeps on moving the ball until it encounters a defender.

If the game causes the player to be in line of a possible goal scoring chance, the user will have to take it to complete the scenario. Each level consists of 3 challenges. Challenges include scoring a header, scoring a volley, scoring of the post or scoring less than 10meters away. In some situations you may be goals behind and have to try to catch up.

While in others you may just have to score the winning goal or play in an assist in the last minute of the game. If you fail to score in the first trial you‘ll have to use up some energy (you have 15 bars of energy if run out you can refill with 10 dollars or just with time it will refill), or spend a dollar to rewind.

Score! Hero Control Icon

Controls in this game is quite simple but hard to master, you have to swipe the screen to pass or shoot the ball. You don’t just control the kicks of your avatar, you control some teammates when necessary, you attempt short and long passes, through balls, crosses and set up goal scoring opportunities to obtain full star rating for completion of challenges.

When drawing a line you are allowed to make realistic curve lines to make passes more difficult for defenders to intercept or make shots more difficult for goal keepers to save. Also you are allowed to tap on a player so as to make a pass or a cross easier to reach them; this is very useful when taking a corner kick.


You as the player have the opportunity to customize your avatar the way you like. From hairstyles to facial and also skin color, jersey number, shoe colour or boot. All this can be available by purchase with money earned from watching ads every now and then or simply just by progressing through the game.

Score! Hero Game Graphics and Display 

Graphics of Score! Hero has been compared to that of FIFA 2010. The movements of the players are very much realistic. There are little or no glitches attached to this awesome game. Camera positions are superb though most of the game is zoomed in; the user is allowed to zoom out to give the user an edge in making the next move.


Though Score! Hero is a complete game, there are little problems encountered here. I won’t go into much detail just the highlights.

  • The outcome of the match is already determined before it is even played.
  • The level’s difficulty to not increased thus making the game quite uninteresting.
  • There is no way to show that your Hero’s abilities are being upgraded.

Aside from these few problems Score! Hero is an awesome game that lets you keep swiping.

How to download Score! Hero

This app is available on app store for free you can visit your mobile play store and enter a the keyword Score! Hero in the search box or you can click on our direct download link to begin download click here.

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