What is Mx Player and Some Unique features

Mx Player is a special media player that works beastly on mobile devices. With a unique user interface that enables users to play their favorite media files. One unique feature of a good media player. Is that it has the ability to play video and songs directly from your playlist.

MX Player

Another thing a user should always consider is the interface design and navigation. A user should always have an easy click through navigation so that they can easily access their songs and video right from the media player.

Statistics has shown that majority of users do make use of media player when stuck in traffic. With the easy to use features of Mx Player. A user can easily locate a particular media file on his or her device and enjoy the fee of this awesome application. This media app also has a fully optimized feature that most viewers are looking out for.

Features of Mx Player

  • Kid lock: this is an amazing feature that protects your devices from accidental clicking on other application or function on your device. When in use by your kids to watch movies or listen to songs with Mx Player.
  • The subtitle gesture: this gesture controls the navigation of the move subtitle such as up and down, zoom in and zoom out. It controls the all-around movement of text when using Mx Player.
  • Mx Player supports multiple subtitle formats; such as WebVTT (.vtt), PJS (.pjs), Teletext, SubRip (.srt), TMPlayer (.txt), VobSub(.sub/.idx), SubViewer2.0 (.sub), PowerDivX (.psb), MPL2 (.mpl), MicroDVD(.sub), SAMI (.smi) with ruby tag support, SubStation Alpha (.ssa/.ass) with full styling and other DVB, DVD, SSA/ASS Subtitle tracks.
  • Mx Player show Battery indicator, Time display, and File name display when seeing a movie or song.

If you are really in love with watching videos mostly on your device anywhere you are. All you need is an advanced media player like Mx Player. That has the ability to recognize all you’re your complicated media format. This media Player plays almost all file extensions that available.

All the great features of a good media player are here in Mx Player already. If you have any media file that can’t be played on your device all you need to do is launch Mx Player and get it played.

Mx Player New Update

  • Update in overall performance such as functionality.
  • New options and icons are added. Such as selecting a function to disconnect headsets.
  • Activation of vibration or prevent phone not to switch to sleep mode is done by control permission.
  • Plays media player at the background.

Mx Player file detection Function

When using this app for the first time you don’t need to start searching for media files. It has an auto search function that detects all the media files on your device. In respective of whatever location, the file is saved on your dive Mx Player we search it out.

This function makes it more comfortable for a user to easily access their media files. Any scanned media file we be displayed automatically on the interface. There are also some features that help user to easily locate media files on their device.

A user can use the search box by entering a search keyword on the main menu to search for a particular file.

Mx player download for Android

This app is a well secure app that has a 5-star rating on google play store you can download the for free. Here is a free link on how to officially download the app for free.

  1. Launch your mobile play store. For android users launch google play store app.
  2. At the top of the app enter the search keyword as Mx player in the search box.
  3. Click on the app from the search result to start Mx player download.

The android requirement of this app varies with users device. Updated on 8th of January 2016. Get all your media files and extensions playing on your device.

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