Mortal kombat is a game that has long been in existence rate from Nintendo 8bit and sega 16bit. It is said that this game is one of the most played game both on PC and normal Video game console.

Mortal kombat x

I remember when we were teenagers we use to play Mortal kombat a lot on sega 16bit, to the extent that we knew each and every by their names, and the deferent combo keys of each character. And some finishing mode such as brutality, animality and babylity. It use to fun way back as we play the game on TV way back then.

Player must be able to defeat other player in a deadly combat. Using some various fighting techniques and fire balls. This game is built base on an old historical temple of various characters fighting in till death.

Mortal kombat x is now avalible on mobile phone, it free to download no extra charges apply. One thing i notice about the mobile version is that the control icons are not same with that of sega mega drive 16bit.

This version of Mortal kombat x has some swapping effect that is use to complete a hit on your opponent. The android and IOS version of this games has an amazing 3D graphics and a unique sound effect. The background sound is one of the most trilling effects in this game.There are no major control icons in this game player has to swap through the screen to perform a great move.

Mortal kombat x for android is build around various tournament fight of deadly combat. With great fighting skill. Players should know when to use various fire balls and combo effect to defeat his enemy.

Due to the a very high end graphics in this game it requires mobile devices that are above 1GB RAM (gigabit). And 1.5 GB of memory space to install this game. The operating system requirement is Android 4.0 and above.

How to Download Mortal Kombat x

This game is free to all users on Google play store. But you need to have an account with google to grant you access to play store. Visit the play store on your device and enter the keyword as Mortal kombat x in the search box.

The next page is a comprehensive search result of file related to Mortal kombat x. Click on the file and start the downloading process. This we automatically install the game right to your device.