MMM Nigeria the number one leading community of mutual help in Nigeria. Where each member provides help to one another is said to be run through a process of update. This is a community of over 3 million members. It was said that MMM Nigeria freezes funds of users who are ready to get help.

MMM Nigeria Freezes Funds

This has been one the best platforms that give back 30% of what you invested after 30 days period. It’s is that there are over 3 million Nigerians who has been participating in this scheme. Over time user can invest their money and get it back whenever want it terms and conditions applies.

There have been lots of speculations that MMM Nigeria has crashed. This was how speculation for Ultimate Cycler started when the system run into errors due to the high number of visitors now its MMM Nigeria. There is a recent update on the platform for both new and exciting users.

What’s New in MMM Update | MMM Nigeria Freezes Funds Till After Upgrade 

There is a new Xmas update on MMM Nigeria Freezes Funds to give each user 50% of  what they deposited during the month of December. MMM admin has sent a notice to all MMM members before time informing them of the update.

The update is not just about the 20% additional bonus up for members. It also includes a one-month frozen mavro whereby users who provide help we not be about to make a withdrawal. This is just for the notified period by MMM admin the update will last for.

This is because they are trying to make changes and update to the platform. The MMM team are working really hard to get it done with the specified period. The system is still working fine and it’s not going to crash anytime soon members should be rest assured that they will get 50% of their frozen balance.

Effect of MMM Frozen Founds

Most users are miss interpreting the reason for why MMM Nigeria has to frozen funds on users account. This is mostly Blogger who are looking for something to put up on their blog.

As earlier said MMM has sent a notice before now. That’s they have to composite all users whose funds are frozen a 20% additional bonus. The frozen funds is because of the update that is actually taken place on the website.

How To Make Frozen Founds on MMM Available for Withdrawal

Users on the mutual help community platform are scared to provide help simply because they scared of funds been frozen. Well, this is true but funds are frozen only for this month and as soon as the update is been completed.

Members can start withdrawing frozen funds and get 50% on all their frozen funds as bonus. MMM admin has assured users that the update is not going to exceed this month and members who have frozen funds in their account can now make withdrawals.

Please Note to all Members on MMM in other to keep this system alive and get back frozen funds. Please stop speculating false news that MMM Nigeria Freezes Funds in other to crash, when did MMM crash in Nigeria, MMM crash in December, MMM crashes in Lagos as a result of frozen account, and lots more. Speculators, please be aware that most users have made up their mind that they with participate in the MMM program till it crash. So stop the fake news.

This we help to reduce fear in the minds of MMM members who want to provide help this period of MMM update. Please be aware that mavro is on hold as the admin has promised in his update to add an additional 20% bonus to all participants who provides help this period.

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