is a social media video downloading web platform. This is a web platform where users can copy a link of the video from any social media platform and get the video downloaded on web platform.


Over time as a user who makes use of the internet regularly. We always want to get the video we see on our social media platform on our device. But due to the restrictions and no access to download the link as social media platform don’t allow download access to video content.

On downloading of your favorite video or probably any video you find on social media platform is easy. All that is required is to drop the link of the video and get a download access to the video you want to download. Web Portal Review

Most users still don’t know more about what can be done on this platform. There just so many things than just downloading YouTube videos. Let’s take at some of this thing that users can actually do on this platform.

  • Download videos from YouTube and over ten thousand video sites.
  • Convert video to MP3 and other one hundred and fifty plus video & audio formats.
  • Download your entire playlist on YouTube in one click on web platform.
  • Download the keepvid app and extensions on both Mac and Windows.

This is easy to use web portal that is easy to navigate around. New users can always find the web portal interesting. Mostly when they have access to download their favorite videos to their device in any file format they want.

But here on this article, i would like to explain some few things. This is about to a user who really doesn’t know much about this platform. I we be talking on what users do on the portal that is been listed above.

Download Videos from YouTube and Over Ten Thousand Video Sites

Downloading of videos that are on social media platforms such as YouTube, Vevo, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, and lots more. Videos on this social platform can be downloaded to your device.

This is a way to make the video available offline. You don’t have to go online whenever you want to watch the video. It’s just a simple step and you get your video downloaded right to your device.

How to Download YouTube Video on

In other to get started with the download process you can make use of any web browser. But you need to have a good internet connection as well in other to successfully complete the download.

  1. Launch your web browser and enter in the address bar section.
  2. Go to the video you want to download on the social media platform.
  3. Copy the complete URL in the address bar section on the page where the video is been played from. Or copy the video URL.
  4. Past it on the link section on where you need to enter a link to the video.
  5. Click on the download icon to get all the list of available file format and click on your preferred one to start downloading.

There is five major video file format available and two audio file format. You can click on more resolution to see more options. Note that downloading of any video from this site is free to all users.

How to Download YouTube Video in Mp3 on

Lots of user has been looking for a way they can just downloaded just the mp3 file of a YouTube. This is the perfect solution for downloading YouTube video in mp3 file format. You don’t need to download the video to your device and get it converted. All can be done right as you are downloading.

  1. Launch your web browser and enter in the address bar section. Just as you did in step 1 above.
  2. Go to the video you want to download on the social media platform because that where the mp3 format we be extracted from.
  3. Copy the complete url the address bar section just as you did in step 3 above.
  4. Past it on the link section on where you need to enter a link to the video.
  5. Go to the audio section where you see audio only and click on any of the audio file formats to start downloading.

This is just like you are using converting software to convert your video to mp3. On the web platform you dont need a software or plugs just click on the download link and get the mp3 of any video right to your device.