iOS 9.3 on iPhone and iPad | What You Need to Know 
Apple devices now have a new IOS update. That is coming soon on iPhone and iPad. The IOS version is IOS 9.3 which is now available for developers. This is a test version of the OS before it we be officially lunched and made available for iPhone and iPad.

This is just a preview version for developer. In other to make some corrections before the final version we be lunched.  Apple has added some Upgrades to make this version of OS one of the best ever. Let take a look at the features of this awesome IOS 9.3 for iPhone and iPad.

Stay up late why Using  your iPhone and iPad

Majority of make full use of their phones. Both at night hours with noticing that the light and brightness from your phone screen be it iPhone or any other brand. Consume more of your sleep quality and affects your sleep health. Apple has added a Night Shift Features to IOS 9.3.

These features help you reduce the light emission from your iPhone and iPad for better night time viewing. For older version of IOS users have to jailbreak their iPhone or iPad in other to use Night Shift Features but on IOS 9.3 you don’t to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

IOS 9.3 News App

This is one thing every mobile user enjoys on their phones. That keep them updated with what’s trending on the internet. Apple has always been working towards providing a one click shop. Where users can get the latest news on what’s happening around the world. The news app is gaining more ground in 9.3 with more amazing stories of your interests and videos.

Protect Your Notes

Apple note taking app now has some new updates on 9.3. You can protect your notes using a password. This is one feature other note apps on mobile devices has never done. Setting password protection on notes gives you full security to keep them from other users.

Apple Health app

This has been long time on Apple devices but most users don’t really make use of it. Because they really find it difficult to make use of. On IOS 9.3 Apple really wants it users to make use of the Health App.

There are third-party apps that you can connect to the health app wellness dashboard to keep records on  your workouts, sleep quality and weight. This app also connects with your Apple watch if you have one.

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is the all around features you get to enjoy why driving. It’s all about Apple music and maps to guide you to your destination. The map helps in navigation such that it shows you where to get food, Fuel, and other services. As you drive.

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