Windows 8 is an operating system popularly called OS. Develop by Microsoft to run on PC (personal computer) and mobile devices. It has a different graphic user interface compare to OS 7.

Most people has find this operating system not user friendly. because they are use to OS 7. In this tutorial, am talking on how to create new user account on windows 8.


User account helps to prevent other user from accessing some specific file in your computer system. Follow the step below to create a new user account. Its fast and easy as most people fine it very difficult to create an account on windows 8 

How to Create a New User Account on Windows 8

  1. On the start page of your windows click on desktop icon.
  2. Move the cursor to the right corner of the lower screen where you have date and time. 
  3. You see five popup menu you see with the name setting, device, start, share and search.
  4. Click on the icon that has the name setting.
  5. The next window is the pc setting for window 8,then you can access the pc settings for windows 8. at the top part of the window setting, click on control panel.
  6. The next page is the control panel where you can adjust all your computer settings. click on user account.
  7. Click on manage another user account.
  8. Click on add a new user in pc setting.
  9. Under other user click on add a user.
  10. Enter a user name and Click on next.

Now that you have created a new user account on your computer. You can set password if you didn’t set a password when creating the user account. Note that user account still function like that of windows 7. You can make the account free to all by not set password for it. You can give it a funny name like OPEN TO ALL user account are really very important mostly when you have kids that do play around with your computer or when you do share your PC with a friend.

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