Hike the best mobile Messenger with stickers
There are lots of mobile messengers available on the internet that runs on mobile platform. It’s now a matter of choice of which mobile messenger to use you may be familiar with Whatsapp massager, BBM messenger Facebook messenger and many more.


Hike Messenger Platform

Hike messenger was officially launched on December 2012 and happens to hit millions of users the following year. It now has lots of thrilling features that get all it users always active using the app. It also allows users to send and receives text messages even when there is no internet connection on your device. You can send messages within the radius of 100 meters via wifi direct.

This mobile messenger is an instant messaging app that supports all smartphones platform. That has the ability to install apps and also has internet communication features. Such as wifi or cellular date from a mobile service provider. With this great app users can send text, images, videos, audio, contact, share location, emoticons, and stickers.

Features of Hike Messenger

This mobile messenger is way far beyond mobile messaging app. It’s more like the app is built in such a way to suit what its user base wants. With a great sticker challenge. Statistics has shown that 30% of hike users are generated from stickers.

Hidden Mode: with this application you can easily hide your chat in hidden mode and create a security pattern to hide and unhide them back with the reset hidden mode features.

Chat Themes: there are various types of chat themes available in this application. These are free theme with no cost. The can also be used for group chat.

Hike offline: this is an offline feature that enables the app to work without data or internet connections. With this messenger, user can send free offline SMS to their friends. A user gets free offline messages count increases when you send hike messages.

Attachment: you don’t have to think about file sharing when you have this messaging app on your device. this mobile messenger helps with file share via the app. A user can send up to 100 megabytes of PDF file via hike massager to his or her friend. On this app, user can also share file like.

  • Image.
  • Video.
  • Audio.
  • Voice message.

Stickers: stickers are still one of the amazing features that no other mobile messaging app has over hike messenger. Users make use of stickers to express their self and feeling on this great mobile messenger. There a lot of stickers that are available on this app pending on what you are trying to say or express.

Voice Calling: user can now make free voice call over cellular network or wifi. This feature was introduced early 2015 users can also make a free group call via the app.

How to send free Messages with Hike Messenger

Any user can chat for free with this app. But there is a distance limit to which a user can make use of this features. Even with zero data balance a user can send a message within a classroom, while travelling or anywhere. But It has to be a space of 100 meters with the person you are chatting with. Let’s get started.

  1. Run hike messenger app on your device.
  2. Navigate to where you have 3 dot icons click on it to display menu.
  3. Click on the hike direct icon to connect with friends around you.

Download Hike Massager For Android Phone  

  1. Go to google play store app on your device and run the app.
  2. Go to the search box on google play store and enter the search word Hike.
  3. Click on the install icon to start a download.

For our direct download link for Hike Click Here

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