Gmail Email Login – Sign In Access Google Email Account is one of the best and most reliable webmail services that bring about change in how we receive mail. way back in the 90’s you have to wait for days or even months just to receive mail that’s been sent to you. This is quite a long process but still it’s an old way of sending mail in hard copy.

Gmail Email Login

Now a new system has evolved called Gmail email and has brought change on how we send emails. This is called email instead of mail. The E in email stands for electronic mail which is a digital copy of the mail itself. A user can receive an email and print out the document afterward.

What’s Gmail Email

Gmail is an electronic mail service provider that enables registered users who have a Gmail email account to send and receive email messages. This is a free service and doesn’t require any fee or charges when sending email messages. With Gmail email account user can send and receive mail from other users who make use of other email service provider. is own and manage by Google. Having a Gmail account gives you access to all Google account by default. A user can send emails to other users email using Gmail this is the official mailing service owned by Google. has a well defined interface, well improved features and services starting with a fast Gmail Account Login steps, Active Spam detection. A user can also customize their theme, Gmail inbox, Contact, Label Category, and group chat.

If you are new to this service you need to follow the Gmail sign up process. But if you have already created an account you can follow the Gmail sign in steps below or click to get started. You can also read through our tips such as.

  • How to create a new Gmail Account.
  • Gmail Sign in and Gmail Sign up process.
  • My Gmail App.
  • Gmail Inbox, Gmail voice call, and other Gmail features like how to switch multiple accounts, G-Drive for mobile devices.  

When it’s come to email service provider Gmail email is one of the fastest and most use email service provender worldwide. Statistic has shown that is one of the most searched email provender url. With multiple inbox features where a user can easily click through personal, social, and promotional email tabs.

One good thing about the navigation in inbox tabs is that. Whenever a user clicks on each tab its loads up very fast and it has a very responsive view. Where by a user can view each category as if it’s the main inbox. .com is here to give it users a unique service and support starting from its Android email app on all android device to other mobile platforms. A user gets email notification on their device via the app this is a feature that enables users to always read email messages as soon as it is delivered to their mailbox.

Features of Gmail Sign in  

Most user still doesn’t understand how Gmail sign in works. Well, Gmail sign in process makes it easy for users to access their inbox. He can easily send an email message or attach a file of 25 MB to a mail and hit the send icon to send. gives a storage space of 15gigabytes to all Gmail email account.

Users on premium subscription can upgrade from 15 gigabytes to 30 terabytes. Using Google drive which is the online storage solution of Gmail.  There are other unique features and services a user can make use of when they complete the Gmail email login steps  such as.

  1. Group Chat: Google has made it possible for a user to chat with other users. Using the group chat section on their inbox, a user can make use of this feature whenever he or she complete the Gmail sign in process.
  2. Gmail Customized Theme: Gmail sign in gives you full access to your inbox where by. You can easily customize the looks and interface of your inbox. You can customize it to your test or how you want it to look like. There are over 30 unique themes that are available in HD, Custom, and Classic view.
  3. Gmail Voice Chat: this is a very awesome feature that makes Gmail stand out from other email service provider. A user can now make use of voice chat features for free.
  4. Google Hangout: user can now create a video group chat called hangout. It’s just like your regular chat but this time it’s a video chat where you can talk on any topic. You can add up to 10 users to the group.
  5. Google Drive: Gmail has made it possible that users can now share and backup electronic file using Google Drive. This is an improved feature over other email service providers like yahoo mail, Hotmail, AOL mail and other email service provender. This is a free 15 gigabytes of cloud storage for everyone who has a Gmail email account. Users still have the option to upgrade to a 30 terabyte of storage space.
  6. Multiple Accounts: Gmail allows multiple accounts on one device. As a user, you can easily switch to your other Gmail email account without login out your current account. This is very easy when you click on add account icon by the top right corner. A user can complete the Gmail sign in process without logging out from his or her current account.

Gmail Account Requirement for New Users

In other for you to use the Gmail sign in or Gmail Email login process you need to create and account. This is an act of creating your login information. This is the very first thing a user should do before he or she can log into his account. In other to create a Gmail account user must provide the following information.

Gmail Account

  • Username.
  • Password.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Mobile number.
  • Your current email.

Thou there are other information’s that a user must present but this are the most important of all. With this, a user can get started with the registration process. By entering the ulr in any web browser on your device as  or and click on create account icon.

Below is a step by step guide on how to create a new account.

  1. Launch any web browser on your device and enter the url as in the address bar on your browser.
  2. Here comes the Gmail home page where you can either enter your login information or create an account which is also the sign up process.
  3. You have entered your information in the create account form. Information’s such as Name, Username or Email Address, Password, phone number and other informations.
  4. Accept the term of service and privacy policy and click on Next Step icon to proceed.
  5. Now the next step is the phone verification process where you have to enter your mobile number and a verification code we be sent to you phone.
  6. Enter the code and click the continue icon.

You get a congratulation message as regards the account you have just created. You can now use the Gmail sign in steps by entering your login details such as username and password in the login feed. This are the information’s you entered when creating the account.

Gmail Email Login – Gmail Sign In Requirement

To access your Gmail account, you need to make use of Gmail emil login or Gmail sign in. This gives you access to send and read emails from other users. There are various information requires in other to gain full access to your account. Such as Email and Password. This information’s are for security purpose.

Gmail Sign In

They are used to prevent other users from accessing your account. Note that user with incorrect Email ID or Password won’t be able to login to their account.

This is a way of identifying a particular user that owns a particular account. Due to millions of users that make use of this mailing service. To keep each user Account safe from other users that’s why you have to enter your correct Gmail Email login or sign in information.

Gmail Email Login or Sign in information can be used by other users. Irrespective of what password you are using to protect your Gmail account. Once a user enters your Gmail Email login or Sign in information on his or her PC. He we be able to access your Gmail account.

In other to secure your Gmail Email Account it is advisable to never disclose your Sign in information to anyone. Try to make use of other Google security measures such as mobile phone verification. This Gmail email Login or Gmail Sign in feature automatically send or call your mobile number. Telling you a verification pin to enter in the verification box.

Gmail Email Login | Gmail sign in

Step 1. To login to your Gmail account, you need a browser and a good internet connection. This is to enable you to open web pages on your device. Enter the url or in the url address bar of your browser.

Step 2. This is the Google home page for Gmail Email Login. By default you we see the Sign in page with two boxes. Now enter your Email ID in the first box and enter your Password in the second box. You can check the box that says Stay Signed in if you are using your personal PC.

Step 3. Click on the Sign in icon by doing so you have successfully login to your account. You can access all the attribute of your account by the left sidebar of your mailbox such as Compos, Inbox, sent mail, Draft, Spam, and Trash. User are also advice to always sign out / log out whenever they are making use of a public PC.

Gmail Password Recovery | How to Recover Your Password in Gmail

Have yu been trying to login to your account, or you have misplaced your password, or maybe you forget your password? Most time most users don’t even take note on what character they used as their Gmail password.

By entering a wrong password in the password feed we deny you access to your Gmail account and even you Gmail emails, inbox, Gmail contact and other services on this platform.  Users are required to enter the correct password in the password feed in other to gain full access to their account.

This is a very useful tip for users who don’t know what their password is anymore. You can easily recover your Gmail password with this simple tip. In as much you can remember you login username.

  1. You need to access the portal by entering the web address in the address bar.
  2. Now you have to click on the Forget Password
  3. You will be asked to enter your username again. Now, you we need to use the mobile verification process to reset your password.
  4. You can now enter a new password and save.

Google we never tell you what your previous password. You we only be allowed to rest your password to a new one that you can always remember so you don’t have to forget it any longer.