Frontline Commando is a shooting game. It is a game about war. The name FL stands for “Frontline” it’s a war game with just one man alone, on the battle lines fighting alone. Other soldiers had been killed and he happens to be the only surviving Commando. He went out hunting for food in the forest and when he came back every single soldier had been killed.

Frontline Commando

So he was the only person left alive. In this game you have different weapons,Amours,helmets and grenade to use all through the mission. This game is focused on avenge, as a result of the death of the other commando.

Features in Frontline commando

In this mission you always learn a valuable lesson about war. If you want to become a soldier Fl commando is a recommended game for you. You need to master your skills in other to stay alive. You need to always know when to lunch a quack attack on enemy.

You have to fight with weapons and defeat your entire enemy with shooting skills and strategy to overpower them. In other to defeat your enemies you have to master and know how to make a surprise attack on your enemy. You need guns, medical aids kit, vehicles and amour. As much as you can get hold of in other to help you through the battle. You need to take down as many war facility owned by your enemy including helicopters, cars and tanks in various combat mission.

3D Graphics.

Frontline commando is a fantastic game with high end 3D graphics. The game has this feel about historical warfare. With high end graphics that shows real pictures of weapons and amours. You get to see real actions of moving bullets and signs of injured and dead soldiers.

Background sound and sounds

This is a war game with great sounds of war action of fire arms such as gun sound and military commands. This game has a very unique background music that is constantly playing to keep the actions alive.

Game location

There are various game locations in this game ranging from various game levels. This locations has old and destroyed building with fire arms signs on the wall.

The control icons.

This game is best played on torch screen phones. At start up of this game you see a notification telling you how to hold your device. There are two angles where the control icons are. This is the icons that control all the actions in this game.

They are located at the lower right and left side of the screen. The icons at the right side are to take cover and lunch your weapon you can also tap the icon to stand up whenever you are on cover. The icon at the left side is to get a target and zoom you can also swap hand on screen to move view.

How to Download Frontline Commando on Mobile Phone

  1. To download this game on android device, go to Google play store.
  2. Make sure you are login to Google play store.
  3. Use the search box to search for Frontline Commando WW2.
  4. Click on Frontline Commando WW2 to start the installation process.

This game is free no cost for downloading you. The file size of this game is about 154 megabyte. Due to the game unique features it has over 10,000,000 unique download. The android OS Requirement for this game is Android 2.1 and above.