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Filmywap is an online platform where users can download Hollywood, Bollywood, Punjabi, and other movie categories for free. This is a web portal just like and portal. On filmywap you can download your favorite movie at no cost.


If you are looking for a reliable portal where you can download all your favorite movies filmywap is the best portal for you. There all categories of movies on this portal including WWE Shows and Cartoon movies.

What’s on portal |

This is a portal where users can download their favorite movies on both mobile and PC. Users can not download app or any software application on this portal. All files and content on this portal are movie and mp3 files ranging from Hollywood movie to the list Bollywood movie.

As a user when you visit  portal for the first time. You get to see a list of movie categories its left for you to click on the category where your favorite movie falls in. You can access the music and video section just after the movie category. The movie category on are.

  • Bollywood Movies.
  • Punjabi Movies.
  • Hollywood English and Dubbed Movies. has a large database of movies as movies are been uploaded to this portal on a daily base. One thing movies that are been uploaded to portal is that they are mobile supported movies and videos. A user can download movies from straight to their mobile device without converting the movie.

Filmywap Login | Login

This is a movie wap portal where every user are automatically logged in. By entering the URL in the address bar on their browser. There is no login page for users on this portal everyone is login by default.

Filmywap is not like other portals that has a sign up page for users to register for an account. There is no need for a user creating a login information because this is an open portal. The only login process for users in to enter the web address in the address bar as or to visit the portal.

How to Download Movie on |

If you are new to this portal and you are looking  tips on how to download movies from this portal below are some helpful tips for a new user to easily download their favorite movies on Filmywap portal.

  1. Launch any web browser on your device and enter the web address as in the address bar.
  2. Click on the category in which the movie you want to download falls in. Such as Hollywood or Bollywood.
  3. Select the category you want to download from. You can click on requested movie section to see list of requested movies.
  4. From the list of movies displayed look for the movie you want to download and click on the movie.
  5. Now here is where you can select what file format you want to download. Click on the file format that best suits your device.

User can download either 3gp, Mp4 (360p) and Mp4 (720p) file format. Note that 3gp file format has less Megabyte which is a low quality compere to Mp4 file format.

User can also download movie sample in both 3gp and mp4 file format. This is more like the movie trailer so users can get to see what the movie is like before downloading. There is also a particular section where user can see thumbnails of the movie. This are like screen shots from the movie.

One good thing i love about this movie portal is that users can visit the portal with either a mobile phone, tablet, and PC. There are no restrictions on devices. A user can also play movie downloaded on Filmwap portal on their PC, tablet, and mobile phones.

Related Domains you can Use to Access this Portal

User can also access the portal using the above url on their web browser and start downloading movies for free. Visit this portal today its free and open to all user on the web.


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