FIFA 16 Ultimate Team – Team Of The Year Available For Android and IOS Free Download
FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is a long awaiting mobile game available on both Android and IOS operating system. This is an upgrade in last year FIFA 2015. With lots of amazing features such as HD Graphics and a better users experience than the older version.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is a football game for all football lovers. With a nice and well-improved features that enable good usability and not complex to navigate. There are lots of improvements in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team such as

  • User Interface
  • Pack Management
  • Transfer Market
  • Squad Chemistry
  • Consumables
  • Player Swap

User Interface

This game has a well interactive user interface and unique icons of well define graphics. Right from various versions of this game. There have been changes from time to time. There is a whole lot change in the icons appearance.

And a good define menu that gives users quality experience. Statistics has shown that majority of users playing game spend more of their time off the pitch.

Pack Management

The pack management gives you quick access to multiple items at same time. With easy navigation both left and right with multiple items you can place on the transfer list, send directly to a club or quick sell.

Squad Chemistry

The chemistry features of each player show the statistics rating of a particular player. It also tells you what the effect of adding a particular player to your squad we improve or affects the chemistry of various players. It also has features that tell you what player is affected.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Download for Android Users 

in other to download this game. Visit and go to the search bar. Enter the keyword as FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. There are other portals where this game can be downloaded but is the the most reliable portal for both andriod and iOS users. you can also download FIFA 16 Ultimate Team on google playstore.



FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Control Icons  

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is a game that is build all around thrilling graphics and responsive animation. With over 11 0000 players and 500 teams to choose from. This game has a unique colorful game control icon. Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green. For easy identification.

The yellow icon is to make a Skill Move. The red icon is to Shoot. The blue icon is to pass and the green icon is to sprint. This is the main control icon in this game. There is also a joystick icon located at the left side.

Note: all control icons are located at the low side of the screen.

This game has large data file size due to its high game quality in terms of graphics, sounds, animations, and other real effects.  You need to have more than 1.4GB of memory space on your device. In other to install this game properly.

Due to it high end specification FIFA 16 Ultimate Team work beastly on some devices such as Motorola Nexus 6, HTC Nexus 9, HTC M8, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung Galaxy S5, Asus Nexus 7 2nd Gen, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy Alpha, , Sony Ericsson Xperia Z2 Tablet and many more.