Facebook Search How to search for Users, Page and other categories
Facebook  is large social media network with billions of registered users constantly online. This social media was launched in early February 2014.

It’s open to any user above the age of 13 year to create an account.  Registered users on Facebook can click on add friend icon on a user’s profile to send a request.

 Facebook Search

Due to the large number of users on this portal. It is totally very difficult to locate a particular users manually without using the Facebook search box. Most time we don’t even know how important this tool is. We just see it as a design at the top part Facebook menu. With Facebook search user can search for.

  • Friend
  • Group
  • Page

Making use of facebook search saves you from all the stress and time you have to spend fine one particular thing. Facebook search has made it very easy for user to easily find any users or continent.

All you need to do is type in a friends name in the search box to get a comprehensive search result. This we automatically select all the users with the name you entered in the Facebook search.  Most times we fail to use this tool and we just believe that what we are looking for can’t be found.

How to use Facebook Search to Fine a Friend

You can find a friend on this social platform using the search box. This is the easiest way to look for an old school mate, an old time friend or family on Facebook. Let’s get started.

  1. Login to your account by entering the URL facebook.com
  2. Facebook search bar is located at the top section. Enter your friends name in the search bar.
  3. The search result we show list of users with the search key world. Now you can identify the user using his or her profile photo.

There are also other option like searching using Email address of the users. This feature works beastly when the user adds his or her Email address to his account and make it visible to all users.

How to use Facebook Search to Search by Phone Number

Users can add mobile number in their account information. It’s now a matter of choices to make it visible. Mobile number is now mandatory for new users. This is an impotent features that is use for verification purpose.

For old user who doesn’t add mobile number to their account information you can update it and add it to your account information. You can also login to your account using your mobile number same as Facebook search. You can enter a user mobile number in the search feed in order to find the user.

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