Directv is a satellite direct broadcast service provider based in El segundo, California. This is American television and audio digital satellite service who’s parent company is AT&T. Its was said by Wikipedia that AT&T in 2015 acquired Derectv for $48.5 billion.


This is one of the best satellite transmitting platform in the United States of American. Thou there other awesome services users can benefit on Derectv such as.

  • Broadcast Television Networks.
  • Subscription Television Services.
  • Satellite  Radio Services.
  • Private Video Services.

Users who has fully subscribe for any Direct TV Packages can gain access to hundreds of TV Channels. This are TV channels users can gain access to with Cable Television providers and Dish Network.

It was recorded that at the end September 2012  directv hit 19.981 million subscribers. There are lots of awesome TV channels that are available for subscribed user. For users to make full use of this service there is a direct tv equipment for users such as.

  • Satellite dish.
  • Integrated Receiver/decoder.
  • DirecTV access card.

Users pays a particular monthly amount for DirecTV Packages. There is also a protection plan that supports repair or replacement of direct tv equipment leased to consumers. Damages Cases like lighting, Power Surges, Flood, and lots more.

There are other special offers on Derectv such as DirecTV for Business services. This service is mainly for Bar, Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals and Dorms. There also a mobile service for Cars, RVs, and Boats. And lastly DirecTV Airborne for aircraft. online platform is the official web portal for this awesome platform. This is where users can get access to their services and other important information’s. On the web platform users can get access to Packages, Equipment & features, News and also watch DirecTV online.

Direct TV Packages

There are lots of offers on various packages such as Select, Entertainment, choice, xtra, ultimate, and premier. There are different extra features on each packages such select has 145+ TV channels. Entertainment has 150+ channels. Choice has 175+ channels same as the other with difference of in numbers of channels.

There are other Direct TV Packages like Premium Networks, International Packages, and Sports Packages. There are lots of other awesome packages under the listed category.

DirecTV News Feed

This is an awesome section on the web platform that has news updates on movies, shows, sport, and your favorite star. There are also technology news tips & tricks, channel Updates, and press center news updates on the news feed.

DirecTV Account | Directv Sign Up 

In other to access all the goodies on this platform user has to sign up for an account. This is also where users can easily subscriber to any package of your choice.

Creating an account is easy and simple the basic requirements are. Web browser, Internet connection and a PC or a mobile device to surf the web. Once you get this in place visit the web page which is and click on my account icon at the top right section on the home page.

Click on the create account icon on the drop down menu. Now you need to enter all the required information in the account creation section such as account number or phone number and the last 4 digit of your card and your last name in the box’s before clicking on the continue icon.