Candy crush is a game that deals with crushing of candy with same Colors. Are you a fan of colors, do you like arranging colors. Try candy crush Sega. Are you looking for game to test you puzzle ability then this is the best game for you.

Candy Crush Sega

This is an additive game that has to deal with candy. All you need to do is to match candy of same colors together. Statistics shows that players spend up to one hour or more of their time playing this game try to score more than their maximum score.

Age Limit for Users Who are Allowed to Play Candy Crush Sega

Millions of users play this game on a daily basis, finding it more interesting that they don’t even know when they have spent close to an hour playing this mind thinking game. This is a game that don’t have age limit be adult above 18 or children blow the age of 5. It is recommended for everyone in respective of you age, because it boost your thinking ability.

Statistics have shown that majority of users playing this game are blow the age of 10. The very first time I had about this game was from kid of about 6 of age and they even know more about the game than the adults.

This is because of the graphics and the effects used in this game, the sound is also a unique features that get this game so attracted to kids. Also the Candy effects and the characters such as colors, background sound and jellies in this game.

How To Play The Game

The graphics in this game is focus on colors and tasty with actions to crush every candy of same colors that are in threes. And other effects of special candy when you mach 4 or 5 candies of same colors together. Even if they are in different formation.

This give a special candy that can be use for a special purpose. When you combine two special candies together by switching them. You get an additional effect that destroy all candies on both rolls. The starting point of this game is candy town which is the easiest of all mode, the more you go the harder it becomes.

The Game Graphics

This game has this nice and colorful looks that is very attractive. That when a user sees it he we want to play the game. The animation in this game is another sealing point when playing this game. There are also some action when player try to fit 3 candies of same colors the movement is also fantastic. The sound shows some signs of seriousness to improve users experience when playing.


There are over hundreds of level starting from candy town. Each level has its own task. For year now I have been playing this game and still not get to the end of it. All task in each level is worth playing as you always want to be ahead of your maximum score.

How To Download Candy Crush Sega on Android Phones

Do you have an android device? Have you been looking for this awesome game? You don’t know where you can possibly download this game. Here is a tip on how to download this game. I believe every android device has play store installed.

  1. Go to Google play store.
  2. Navigate to the search box on play store.
  3. Enter the search word as Candy Crush Sega.
  4. Click on the one that has the picture above to start the installation and download process.