300 rise of an emperor is an adventure game focused on battle. Where by you have to seize your glory. This is a game that have to deal with fighting till the last drop of your blood. Killing all your enemy’s using a sword and a shield to protect yourself.


This game is focuses on just 300 Spartans army who want to battle to serve their nation. This army has pledge to fight till death. It was recorded that the 300 Spartans army is one of the bravest and united army of all time. As they have always learned to fight with unity using their shield as their greatest weapon.

300 Rise Of An Emperor What’s in the Game

This is a game that is build all around battles. Fighting from one camp to another. To stay alive in this game you need to always learn how to fight and protect all you army’s. As you attack the enemy’s camp. You have to always fight from one battle to another. Killing all enemy.

Lunching an attack is another way to stay alive in this game. You need to know when and where to attack from. Using your shed when necessary gives you edge for quick attack.

How to play the game

Various kinds of skills can be learnt in this game. You can lunch a deadly attack with just one streak. Using your special attack energy level to kill an enemy. To play this you need to know more about the control icon and how to always lunch an attack defeating all your enemies in the battle.

There are three major icons. One at the left hand side why the other at the right hand side of your screen. The one at the left hand side is use for navigation. This is the icon that controls movement in this game. The other two icons at the left is the Attack and block icon tapping on this icons gives you a quick attack and block moves using your shield.

The Game Graphic’s  

The graphics in this game is worth more than I expected. This is a full 3D game that has a four dimensional movement. It also have a real effect as that of Playsation 2 3D games. The striking and blocking effects are awesome. This are the special moves in this game you can protect your self from an attack using your shield.

How To Download 300 Rise Of An Emperor

Do you have an android device? Because in other to play this game you need an android device be it tablet or mobile phone. And you also need a to login to Google play store. Where you can possibly download this game from. Here is a tip on how to get the game download. I believe every android device has play store installed.

  1. Go to Google play store.
  2. Navigate to the search box on play store
  3. Enter the key 300 Rise Of An Emperor
  4. Look for the search result that has the picture above and click on it to start downloading